Monday, June 29, 2009


We went hiking (and playing) yesterday. No excuses... there was nothing we "needed" to do, so the kids, and my husband and I decided to go hiking. Would you believe it started raining the minute the car got on I-95, headed toward the park? 'M' (the husband) and I were dumbfounded! We hadn't checked the weather, we had not even thought to think about checking the weather! What were we thinking (we obviously weren't)? It has been raining every day, here! We considered turning around... going back... going forward...So, what to do? We decided to forge forward and try to make the best of it. We didn't turn around, and I'm glad we didn't (turn back, that is).

Prince William Forest Park is a beautiful, fun place to visit for the day...and it's right in our back yard! I can't believe that we have been living here for (10)years, and are just now discovering the fun of hiking. I have wanted to be a "hiking" family for several years, but we've always been "too busy". I think the frustration of busy-ness has just, now, caught up with me (and 'M'), and in the effort of trying to do more outside, and together stuff as a family, 'M' and I decided to make a conscious effort to do something about it (the frustration of busy-ness). Hiking is fun, easy, affordable, and when you combine it with letter-boxing, a fun activity for the whole family! (Letter-boxing is a really cool treasure hunt, by the way, and there is a website:, to find out more about it.) We have been a couple of times now, and I speak for the whole family when I say we enjoy it!

I have to admit, it is hard for me to just stop and be. I've written about this before, that I struggle with letting things go. I'm reading books about anxiety, and over-coming the need to get everything done, to have a clean house, to have everything "just right." I think it is hard to not be super-mom...the I-can-do-it-all attitude that permeates EVERYTHING these days is always in the back of my mind. I look at beautiful home magazines, and want the beautiful home, the fresh paint, the clean carpets. I read magazine articles about women who can work, keep house, raise clean, healthy children, and manage to look fabulous. I have to admit, I want that, too.

My theory is that it isn't really real. These articles, and the people in them are all styled to look the way they do for a photo shoot; and the houses in the magazines are all professionally cleaned and touched up before they are photographed, as well. I think that reality (for most of us, anyway) is a wall that needs painting, a carpet that needs steaming, a kitchen floor that needs mopping. Also, reality is a child needing a bath, an apple, a hug. So, I'm trying to give up "home" magazines.

My round-about-point is that we have to focus on the important stuff, and do that well. The kitchen floor isn't going to remember being clean, but my kids will remember hiking and letter-boxing on a rainy afternoon when we could have turned around, instead, and spent a boring afternoon in the house (watching floors being cleaned-- I really need to let go of the clean floor thing). The kids are going to remember moments, not things. I know this is true, because that is what I remember. It is important to keep house, too. I'm just saying that things don't need to be perfect! They only need to be as perfect as you need them to be. There has to be balance.

I'm not saying this is easy... please know, I struggle. I've just began reading a lot on this subject- as well as others. I'm trying to get much needed tools to be better. A better mom, a better wife, a better friend. There are many verses in the Bible that talk about just being the best you can be, and to do it all for God's glory. I often say to my friends and family that it is all about survival, and doing the best you can, with what you've got. I believe that, and I'm going to start adding, "and do it all for God's glory".

Saturday, June 27, 2009


OOOOHHHH so sorry I haven't updated all week!! Ready for the excuses?
1. It was recital week. It was our studio's first recital. I'm a teacher as well as taking classes, and both daughters dance. There were extra rehearsals, regular classes... PLUS dress rehearsal (full make-up, costumes, etc.), and finally, the performance. We all did great! I think anyone who can get up the nerve to perform in front of an audience should get credit! I didn't nail all of my turns, and missed two fouette turn/jumps, but it's OK. The saying that a bad dress rehearsal makes for a great performance was true, though. I did better today, than yesterday. Both of my girls said they felt great about dressing up and performing. My sweet, little ballet class did great, as well... they even remembered their rond de jambes!

D and K pose for the camera, in their beautiful costumes! It's so fun to dress up! They are little princesses (and divas --but not too much)!

2. My Sister-in-law, 'K' visited with her sweet children, 'A' and 'E'. My niece is 7 years old, and best buds with 'D', my daughter, the 8 year old. I love hearing their giggles. My nephew is 2... very 2! He is talking and smiling and running... and he is potty-training soooo well, and eagerly (I only had one eager potty-trainer). My three kids, and her two kids are like the five musketeers. Aside from predictable, cranky (getting up too early, staying up too late) outbursts, we had a fun and enjoyable visit.

So, those are my big excuses, and that is where I've been. When family visits from out of town, other things get put on hold, briefly, like vacuuming, writing, mopping, writing, calling friends (that I do miss very much!)and... blogging. I did love to visit and talk with 'K'. It is refreshing to hear that we have some of the same struggles with parenting, house-keeping, working, teaching, and learning. I suspect that we will only continue to grow closer as we grow older. It is great to know that our children, cousins, are becoming great friends.

Still other news...
My cousin, E (lives in Florida, has one sweet, sweet baby and is pregnant with her second), is reading my blogs! Yea! I love to find out that someone is interested! She forwarded me the neatest e-mail about life and God... very cool. It is full of wisdom. Basically, when we (as humans) utter very human things, like "I can't do it", God says, "you can", and the e-mail provides appropriate scripture responses. One of my favorite responses is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." -- One of the best verses in the Bible. Ever! There were some other good ones in the e-mail, but that was my favorite... along with us saying (us, humans), "I am afraid," and God answers, "I did not give you a spirit of fear."
Ohhhh... Very cool! I struggle with this one, so this is what I will end with, and pray on. BE NOT AFRAID... we can do all things through Christ, and God did not give us a spirit of fear! AMEN!

Monday, June 22, 2009


(images from

"Did you turn it off, wait ten seconds, and turn it back on again?"

How many times do we need to just start over? How many moments do we just pause, and reset ourselves? If you are a parent, the answer is probably, "Too many to count!"

I have had to use the turn-off-wait-turn-back-on-again process sooooo many times today! I had to do it with my husband's new cell phone. Twice. We had to do this with the computer tonight. Twice. I almost had to go with out blogging (gasp!), but thanks to amazing technical expertise (turn off, wait, turn back on), we got the computer up and running (thank you, thank you, thank you!).

I have had to reset myself with the family today, several times, as well. The children are wild, I think, because it is the first full week without "official" school. I am homeschooling all three kids, now (say many prayers for me, please), and I'm only getting a glimpse of things to come. We are not working hard, right now, mind you; I think a little math and reading each day is not too much to ask! My kids, apparently, do not agree with this notion at the present time. Nothing is what they want right now, no school. I, of course, worry about retention and skill sets. I worry too much, probably, but I still feel strongly about working a little as many days over the summer as possible. So, wild children make me need to deep breathe and pray. It is a method of re-setting myself.

My oldest son does better with some routine than none, so I'm trying to keep him occupied with some semblance of a school-type routine. I'm learning my youngest (my wildest) also does better with some predictability. My middle child, bless her, seems to be flexible (I needed at least one like that!). Also, my son seems to be struggling with the whole gluten-free thing more than he was when we first started the diet. We have had to re-set many times today and yesterday (and all lost week). He needs a Ctrl-Alt-Del function - he uses books right now (reads them) to calm himself -- I know-- it could be worse. My youngest (did I mention, wildest?) needs some other tools to calm herself down, besides screaming, that is. Naps (turn off-wait-turn back on) seem to work! My middle (- again- bless her) just gets a stern talking-to, and re-dirests her energy.

So, I certainly don't mean to sound woe-is-me; I'm just illustrating the current snapshot of the family, and trying to draw a connection between parenting, faith, and re-starting. We all have our own struggles, even though it is summer, and life is supposed to be, in theory, more relaxed (and actually quite grand). My kids (and me) are getting used to being with each other full time, and this is good, but slightly difficult; it's an adjustment.

So this is why prayer and Faith are soooooooooo very important to me right now. As I've gotten older and have had children, my spiritual life has intensified. I'm longing for a Bible study, I'm trying to be consistent with devotionals. I'm trying to keep the curiosity and love for Christ alive in my family, in my children. I'm trying to learn tools to teach, and parent better. I know that if I can live as a witness, as a good example, my children will follow. My husband, too, is studying and reading more. There is a verse that says something like, "instruct the student, and he will become like the teacher." It is in Luke, I believe(I may be wrong-- I have always had my faith, but never was really good at scripture memorization). This is my meditation for the day... to live as an example for my family and to have a fresh start each day. We all deserve that.

This is why it is important, I believe, to re-set sometimes. Ctrl-Alt-Del, re-set, turn-off-wait-turn-back-on, what ever it takes to not lose it... to live like Christ would like. It isn't easy... it is hard! Our Pastor said it isn't supposed to be easy! There will be tests,too, so stop, listen and learn. That is what I'm trying to do (a very timely less on from my Pastor)...

Prayer: for all of us spouses, parents, our marriages! It is hard work!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My daughters and I love to dance! We all take ballet, and 'D' taps better than I ever imagined any one in my family could. Ever. I am a ballet-girl, not a tapper. Today, though, was picture day, and we are all spent. Full make-up, costume changes and a little bit of drama are a bit taxing on even the most patient of souls! That being said, we had fun, and next week is recital, and then we will have a break from it all for a few weeks, before summer session starts. I am so proud of my little dancers! Not just my daughters, but all of the little fours/fives/sixes that I teach, as well. Everyone is just so dedicated, and beautiful. I can't believe that I am even capable of teaching little girls to dance at all, let alone that they dance so well! The costumes are fun, also!...and pictures will have to wait because the camera is MIA (missing in action; probably at the studio).

Tomorrow is Father's Day! We are excited about honoring Dad (my husband) and Papa (my dad) by making them brunch in the morning. I'm lucky to live close to my parents, and we try to celebrate all the major holidays, and most "minor" holidays with them. The children love to visit with "Nina" (my mom) and "Papa" all the time! My parents make it very easy for them... not so many rules and regulations (I'm shocked at what my kids get away with! --nothing like when I lived with them!), and lots and lots of love. So, remember to honor all the dads out there, tomorrow!

My favorite attribute of God is that of God, the Father. I find so much comfort in going to the Lord for advice, comfort, and motivation. I am reminded by the verse in Luke, which says," Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these..." (New International Version). I love that I am to come to God like a child, I love the innocence of this verse and the image it creates in my heart. This attribute of God makes it easy for me to come to him in prayer, and in times of need; and in joy and celebration!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Ahhhhh... Friday. I used to love Fridays, and during the summer they tend to improve. While the last day of the school week is relieving, it is the hardest day of the week. My kids are the tiredest kids on Fridays, and the crankiest. 'T' (the smart, challenging, autistic child) has held it together enough all week, and Fridays are usually "a wash". He just can't keep it together, behaviorally or appropriately. The sweet,middle 'D' is done being patient. She is finished with being the peacemaker, and she is tired, because,like her mother, she has trouble sleeping. 'K', the energetic, ball of fire that she is, responds much like her brother to this day. Her little body is spent (the child moves constantly), and her mind is exhausted because she has had to control her body all week for school. Like I mentioned, Summer does tend to be better for this day of the week. I think they have less to hold together during the week (at home), which makes it better at the end. We got out of school (officially, for a while!) this last Tuesday, but it's been a week full of good-byes and extra dance, so we shall see how today goes!
We will, perhaps, just be very, very sleepy!
We will, perhaps, just take a nap...

Pray: for peace for 'A' --she and the family are safely arrived in the Pacific Northwest. They have family in Oregon they are visiting for a while. My friend, 'M' is going through some tough times, please pray for her, and especially her son, who had surgery yesterday. And lets all pray for our spouses to be tender with us ladies as we try to train and love our children, and support and help our husbands.
(image from Bing photo gallery)

I'm reminded of the Proverbs verses about the greatest type of wife, and prayer is a powerful tool to help us be wise and gentle ourselves: "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. " These are powerful words from Proverbs 31:25-26, and, "...But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30.

Prayer is just a wonderful, powerful time between you and our Lord. He will strengthen and calm us. I love (love-love) to pray!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, yesterday was a LOT harder than I anticipated. My friend, 'A' moved away to the land of Twilight. I was trying to be excited and full of happiness, but I found myself getting more and more sad. I tried to hold it together, but cried when she walked out the door. The silver lining, here, of course, is that the emotion of our friendship was very real and visible. The negative part was that I had puffy eyes the rest of the night (and a runny nose), and still this morning. It's OK, though. I know that living in the Lord means NEVER having to say good-bye. Plus, a Seattle trip is in the works for early next year!

I love it that my friendships with other women can mean so much on many different levels. I think of our futures together; like going to their children's weddings and graduations. What is that going to be like? I can't wait to find out -- this is all exciting stuff. Patience can be hard sometimes. I love the verse from the Bible about seasons.. to every time and every place there is a season... I'll pray on this today. I'll pray for patience in waiting and experiencing my future, and knowing that it is OK to both mourn, and rejoice friendships that have to be separated by miles for a time. It is a season of life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am a tree...

One of my new favorite books of the Bible is Jeremiah. Aside from military strategy and justice-filled passages, questions are heartily answered for this prophet. My favorite verse is Jeremiah 17:7-10. From the New King James Version:
"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, Which spreads out its roots by the river, And will not fear when heat comes; But its leaf will be green, And will not be anxious in the year of drought, Nor will cease from yielding fruit."
I was a part of the MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) ministry for several years, and met some amazing, wonderful women. Last year, when I was graduating (no longer going to have pre-schoolers) I was asked to give my testimony; I was nervous, because I didn't think I had one. It (my testimony) certainly was not dramatic, or even exciting. I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home and faith. I definitely remember it "clicking" for me in the 5th grade (the importance of faith, Jesus's sacrifice), and consciously making a choice to follow Christ, but it was without any fanfare or huge revelations. Conciously choosing this was very natural. So, being asked to speak on my love for the Lord, I was nervous... I just didn't have an especially exciting story to tell. How wrong, that thought is, though!!! All of our stories are exciting! And, they all mean something very profound for each of us.

This Jeremiah verse literally fell open for me (I was like, "Alright, I need a verse for my talk, speak to me!") the night before my testimony. There it was! I instantly had my verse, my important message, my testimony! This verse, to me, speaks of consistency. On being consistent in loving, and praying, and trusting. Loving God, praying to Him faithfully, and trusting in the Lord. I love the image of a tree growing up and out, and remaining strong. I especially like the part about not being anxious, as I am riddled with anxiety constantly.

I think, being the parent of a child with special needs, that this verse is powerful. It says don't worry, remain faithful, you will still bear fruit. I think, for everyday worries (money is tight, children are loud, best friend is moving), remain faithful... you will still bear fruit! How true this is with Jesus help, the Holy Spirit's guidance, and trust in the Lord!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


(A picture that reminds me of fresh starts--from one of 'M's old stomping grounds in Chicago, Fort Sheridan, Illinois)

I am glad it is Sunday. I always feel like Sunday is a fresh start! I'm looking forward to this week because it will be the end of the school year (for a while-- we definitely need a break). The pool hours will change to summer hours, the weather looks decent, and the waiting for an ending will be over... not just the ending of school, but the ending of waiting for a (very hard) farewell. I'm not looking forward to 'A' moving (far, far away), mind you. It's the dreading of the pending goodbye that I want to be over. Endings are usually sad, and this will be no exception! But, beginnings are usually happy, and, I can't wait to visit Seattle -- I'm already looking forward to it, and it will probably not even happen until next Summer -- but, I can't wait. They have found a lovely house to rent, and the contract on their house is still (there, yea!) pending. I will miss one of the bestest, sweetest friends I have ever had (and continue to have just in different time-zones)! So, I'm happy and sad. Trying to put things in the positive: I'm optimistic for the summer, and for my (forever) friend's new adventure... I'm sad to see them move. Endings and beginnings. Bittersweet.

I pray for strength and patience and wisdom over the next several days for us all! My faith is such that I know everything will work out well. Philippians 4:7 (The Message) says, "It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life."

That is what faith is all about. And Proverbs 12:25 (The Message) says, "My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth." AMEN.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

home again

(image from ChristianMomsofmanyblessings website)

I've been at our state home school convention!! It has been so motivating and encouraging. The speakers were fabulous! I can't tell you how great it is to be in the company of so many outwardly Christian people. Aside from the busy-ness of the convention, everyone was kind, well mannered, and so very nice!

I've learned to fight the good fight. I've learned I don't have to be so very organized, and that mistakes will occur. I've been taught by some amazing Christian leaders, and home-schooling parents, that home educating won't always (if ever) be perfect; but that what mission my husband and I are undertaking is important and noble.

Praise God that I have a supportive husband and family! Also, praise God that my husband has a true and real spark for Christ! We went to some amazing seminars and classes, and he is turned on for the love and mission of our home-schooling ministry. YEA!!!

Thanks to my parents, too, for making it possible for me to go away for a few days, alone, with my husband to focus on the upcoming educational year for our three kids. You rock!!

It is great to be so motivated and encouraged. I will pray for it to continue for me, my family, and my friends and their families who are also home schooling.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally Thursday

(Just a peaceful picture)

I am so excited. I am going away with my husband tonight, for two nights without children. I'm nervous for the very same reasons. I am a bit of a control freak, I'm afraid. The children will be with my parents (who better than that?), very well cared for, and a bit indulged, I'm sure. I just still get nervous when I'm not the one taking care of them. I know that God has everything in order, and He is in control. I take comfort in knowing that. I still get a little nervous...

I am way excited, though. We are going to our State's annual home school convention. I'm excited because he is coming with me, and thrilled that we can just be there together, just the two of us. For two reasons: 1) to be able to really research next year's curriculum opportunities for our children, and 2) because sometimes, couples need to Ctrl-Alt-Del! One night away, one moment away may be all you need to re-connect. I was moved by Shanda's post on A Teachable Heart blog this week about being convicted to actively pursue our spouses, and to, basically, love them more. She used wonderful analogy and perfect scripture to fully illustrate her points (Go, Shanda! -Love you!). I encourage everyone to visit her blog. She has great wisdom! So, even though we (my husband and I) are at a home school convention, we will be taking advantage of time alone! Yea!

Everyone please continue to pray for 'M' (tough times), 'A' (house/family), 'E' (to get better). I really appreciate prayer, and actively pray throughout the day for the loved ones in my life... it is kind of like a running dialogue/ loop with God (:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Ooohhhh... missed a day of writing..)
Yesterday was an exciting, but crazy type of day. The first event was my friend's husband's graduation from Sergeants school. I have lived in and around the military to know that any graduation is a good thing, and that the ceremony would be formal. I wasn't surprised, there, but I was pleasantly surprised about it being so inspiring. My son actually listened to all the words, and "ohh" and "ahhd" a few times. The invocation was direct and to the point, and the address was about leadership and responsibility. Very nice! There is also something very heartwarming, and safe feeling to see about 80 Marines graduate from a school that teaches leadership and responsibility; and that they all looked like it was taken very seriously. Congrats to 'T' and family for finishing a hard six weeks. and THANKS fro all your hard work and devotion to our Country. This family REALLY appreciates you!

We had to get up earlier than usual for that event, so we had quiet time in the afternoon. We found and planted these really cool petunias that are red and white together. They remind me of my great-grandmother from Florida. She always let us (my brother and I) pick one out of her garden . My grass won't grow, but I am adamant about having some flowers! They are just so cheerful!

Next was dance, and more dance. I should write storms, and more storms. It is pretty amazing that we log on to to find out the tornado/severe weather report for the afternoon. Yesterday, it was supposed to rain all day- but it was beautiful (looking- actually, it was pretty humid). At 5:30 the clouds came in, and at 5:45 we were it the throws of heading toward the basement. We were home for dinner between classes, and the wind was doing the swirl around thing. No tornado, but very severe thunderstorms hung out in our area for a good 2 hours. It has been like this for several weeks!

On another note, I got some very cool books in the mail! We. Love. Books. It is becoming a recreational addiction at out house. I love books-- totally an addiction! The problem with them, is that I acquire these items, and then refuse to get rid of them. Love-love-love books! (Now, that is just a picture from fotoshare, but I'm afraid I'm headed in that direction). So, I found The Tale of Jeremy Vole for my daughter. On Amazon it was, like, $60-$80. I got it for $8 on yea!!! I guess it is out of print, and hard to come by. It is just a paperback book. It's a cute story about riverfront animals. Very sweet. Did I mention I love books?
My prayer news: One of my bestest friends has been sick for two weeks. she is finally on some medication to clear up and infection. Pray she feels better! and... Thank you for continuing to pray for 'A' and moving. My friend, 'M,' is still dealing with some tough stuff, as well. My mom had an interview last week, so she, too, could use some prayers. Thanks!

Monday, June 8, 2009


It was a nice day!! We (kind of) did some homeschooling (aka: lots of reading), we helped a few friends out (aka: babysitting), we had dinner with one of my best friends (aka: "A").
Going out to eat is sooooo fun. It is a little more stressful because we have to ask lots of ingredient questions (picture the waiter coming out of the kitchen with the huge, industrial size can of apple sauce on the tray), but still fun. And I. do. not. cook. Well. at all, for real. Pancakes are a gourmet meal at our house, and spaghetti is always good, but otherwise, I'm just not that great at it.

My daughters love to cook and bake. My son is even getting into it. I would rather take a bath, read a book, (vacuum, dust, sweep) or do anything else! Not only do my kids like to cook, but I am now pushed into it more, because my son has so many allergies. I have to do something I don't enjoy, for the greater good of the family. That is life, I suppose.

I'm embracing cooking, the way "A" is embracing rain. Reluctantly, but whole heartily, for the greater good. I'm sure we'll come out of our challenges for the better, but it isn't that much fun to go through them. I think I love going out to eat because the stress is not on to perform, or create something everyone will like. I like that I can pick what I want, and everyone else can pick what they want, and then everyone is happy (and happier than they would be with my cooking). It's good!

Prayer news: continue to pray for "A" (yup, still a contract!). Pray for my friend M; she is going through a really tough spot.

Other news: My husband was the only one who didn't kill his simulated patient in airway training today! This is a big deal, and a long story -- just be happy for him! Yea! and everyone sleep well. Goodnight!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


All things are hectic in May. Things are ending in schools, semesters are ending, parties are happening, and everyone just seems to be caught up in the hectic-ness! I know that it is a made up word, but that describes everything going on at once.

We are so guilty of it at my house. My husband is in school taking a nutrition course (we have gone organic, and are eating healthier all around) -- six weeks is a short time to cover all this info. about the science of nutrition. It isn't just about the food pyramid. So he is very hectic doing all that he does plus studying. My daughters and I dance. We are all in the end-of-year recital. We are all running around for photos, fittings, and extra rehearsals. My son has speech in the public school, which is ending for the school year. He has end-of-the-year events, as well. My point is, we are all hectic! I like to be hectic, actually. It is fun to always have something to do, and something to go to. I'm not sure, though, that it is best for everyone else. I've noticed some crabiness, and outright meltdowns lately, so I'm thinking that slowing down is going to mandatory.

The trick is balance. I know we all cognitively know this word. Balance is important for everything in life. We need to balance work and play, sleep and awake, running and walking. It's tough stuff! The people who seem to be good at it, though, seem the most peaceful. Peace is always something I want. It is always something I need. I will pray for balance - for me, my family and friends. I'm sure that will help me attain some!

Other news: A (my friend, A) still has a house contract, and they are shopping for a rental in (cool Twilight- land) Seattle. I know they appreciate all the prayers for them. My son is doing well with the gluten free/ peanut free/ chocolate free diet. We did cheat a little tonight because it was Communion Sunday and the meltdown that was starting over not being able to participate was looking bad. So, he was a little nutty, tonight. He even admitted to feeling a little crazy. We love to take communion together, though, so a little craziness will have to do. I appreciate all the prayers about this challenge! Also, countdown to recital is happening! We love to dance. My girls and I LOVE ballet. It is so fun, and invigorating, and peaceful. I really enjoy it! Recital, though, is a little crazy... in a fun (not peaceful) way. I just pray it all goes well.
Thank you!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

morning run

Me, Myself, and I, and God went for an early morning run. It was super because I was the only one up. I'm thinking there are some benefits to getting up before everyone else, now. I used to be the last one out of bed on a Saturday.

It was on my heart to pray some of the prayers I had learned as a young child. Because of time changes of services at my old church, I attend a different church, with different traditions. We only pray the Lord's prayer every Sunday at my new church, and the Apostles Creed is only said during communion once a month. So, I prayed the Creed. It became the tempo for my run -- and will hopefully remain my tempo for the day. It's a new day full of new promises: don't raise my voice, don't say anything negative, don't correct people on petty things. It's like a love dare for my whole life. (I'd love to do the love dare with my spouse, too, must get on looking in to that book).

I wish you all peace for the day with your new endeavours. I've enjoyed telling you mine : pray and be peaceful. and BELIEVE!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My G-ma ( grandma is 85, yet remains hip with very few grey hairs) sent me an e-mail this morning. It has one of my favorite scriptures: "Be still and know that I am God". Does anyone else find this to be incredibly challenging? Not the God part, but the still part. I feel rather manic these days, and being still, even in prayer, is incredibly hard for me. I feel the need to do this, and to go sit on a beach, hear the waves, feel the wind, and be still so I can renew myself with Him. For me, that would be one of the most powerful places to know and feel God, His magnificience, His power, the beauty of his creation. I could be still at the beach. I need, though, to reflect and meditate... to be still, here.

Here, not so still. Recitals are coming up, end of Kindergarten (and public school for a while) is occurring , good-bye parties are scheduled, and testing (home school test, allergy tests, ADHD tests) is happening and being scheduled. OK... maybe I need the ADHD test... (: Anyway, A LOT is going on. People are coming to my house, which I am obsessed with keeping clean. We have all these critters living here (not referring to the children, but to the turtles, bird, chinchilla and guinea pig), and they need attention. See? See how hard it is to be still?

I think this verse is one of my favorites, because it is a challenge. God challenges us to this. Even Jesus went to be still, and alone, I might add, to pray and know God. This is amazing to me! My human (mommy) brain tries to wrap itself around this one... and to try and teach it to my children. With autism, ADHD, etc., it is a hard thing to teach -the most important thing for me to impart to all my children, yes-- but still one of the most challenging!! Am I up to it? YES!!!
Hopefully, you are feeling motivated. I am. Thanks for reading my blog!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


(image from classesandclarreers)

"Wouldn't it be, like, super cool if we turned around and we saw a UFO flying, instead of a car behind us, huh? Don't you agree with me?"

My son is talking. He didn't talk until he was three. We had him in speech therapy; we were testing him, and enrolling him for special-needs preschool. I was worried so much that he would just never be able to put words together. Then one day, as I was recovering from night shift (used to actually work as a nurse 7pm-7am --it makes you loopy), I noticed, at a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, my son twisting his body back and forth and mumbling. More than 1 word, but what seemed like three, maybe four. It was, indeed, five words.

"We just got a letter... we just got a letter... we just got a letter... I wonder who it's from?"

( images of Blue from willies blues clues character page)

What??!!! His first phrase... more than "mom" or "juice" was from Blue's Clues. I have a great affinity for Blue's Clues now, because it was a milestone for my son. He started talking... and flapping. We were headed toward a diagnosis, and we weren't so "stuck" anymore on this worry.

So now, my son never STOPS talking. If he is not talking, there are sound effects to be heard. I know where he is most of the time because he makes noise.

UFOs have never really excited me, but T is fascinated that there could possibly be UFOS somewhere. Trying to keep him very reality based sometimes can be a challenge, so when these questions come up, it is best to listen and respond appropriately, because T will remember EVERYTHING you have said on the subject. So I take the same stance, "Not really. I don't want any UFOs following me, and I don't think they are real." -- I know, not very fun.

My husband, though, happened to be home. smile now. "They might be scary." --he says.

T sighs. "and not very friendly."

"And they are unusual, so you might be scared." (M)

"and not very friendly." (T)

"And they are weird, it might be scary!" (M)

T, starting to get the angry eyebrows, "and not very friendly" (T)

M (the husband), smiling, "and scary?"

T, angry now , looking like a mafia hit man might look at someone who has one more chance to get it right, says, "and not very friendly!"

M takes a breath, I glare, he laughs, "yes, not very friendly."

Enough, boys! It was funny, though. T continues to get stuck sometimes, and I guess he was stuck. Once someone repeated what he said, he smiled, flapped, and ran off to bed. M and I were left in the kitchen; we couldn't help but laugh. We've actually come a long way! Because he and I tend to get stuck sometimes, too. Stuck on worries or other issues that arise during typical marriages (is there such a thing as typical?). Anyway... it was a good laugh, last night. A good ending.

I hope we all have them... good endings. Good beginnings,too. It is in the middle, I think, that we get stuck. That is where the hope and prayer are, though-- to get you through to your happy ending!

Prayer requests continue, by the way -- Mom (mine) had a job interview. A still has a house contract (yea!) and I just want to lift our marriages, children (both born and brewing), and mental health to the LORD. Praise!
(image from Christian images/ google)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm sorry to all my followers for missing yesterday! (: Wednesday is usually our crazy day (we are just too busy on that day of the week)! However, yesterday turned in to one of those run-around type of days. At the end of the day we had these HUGE storms. One right after the other. I actually stumbled out of bed to the computer to find out if a tornado was on the way. Computer screens are REALLY bright at two in the morning! So, craziness mixed with thunderstorms does not make for a peaceful start to our normally, crazy Wednesdays. (Deep sigh). Here is the kind of funny thing: my son is still asleep under my daughter's bed. I can't get him out. I think he is so strung out on detoxing from wheat, and being up a lot during the night that he may be there for a while. I am trying to have flexibility of thought and not worry about it too much, but, of course, I'm worrying. And... as I am worrying, up he gets! Alive and well!
I love the song by Casting Crowns: "I will praise You in this storm". As scary as storms can be, and as crazy as life gets, just like a storm, God is always there for us. He never leaves. I love this characteristic of our Lord. The song is wonderful! As I worry about being too busy, about children being stuck under the bed, about tornadoes, I KNOW the Lord is with me. He wants us to praise him, as well. It can be hard while we are down, but he wants us to lean on HIM. I need to remind myself (quite often, lately) of this! I need to remain consistent! Consistency is hard, as well!
Everyone have a beautiful day! and Pray!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Powerful Prayer

The group of moms I pray with met this morning at my house for our last group prayer of the season. I've mentioned before how fantastic and devoted these women are, and how precious it is to hear your child's name lifted in prayer from other people.
Today we invited other moms to join us, so we had extra women in our group! I think I would be shy to pray out loud with people I wasn't familiar with (at least, I was the first time); but these moms just prayed out loud! No hesitation, no stumbling of words were heard, they all just cried out! I think it is AMAZING to hear other people pray-- for you, for your children... for our soldiers, and President, and Country. It touches my heart in such an intimate, profound way, that I am often moved to the verge of tears. It is POWERFUL!!! Thank you to the ladies I pray with for a wonderful year, and welcome to those who will be joining us next year.

And speaking of prayer.... A (the moving friend) continues to have a contract on her house! Yea!

My son is in the "angry/evil twin" stage of detoxing. He is quite forgetful, and mooooooody! Pray for all of us, here in this house!

My youngest is especially ready for school to be out. This child can not be still; she has forgotten how to walk (running or hopping everywhere); and my middle may be entering some pre-pre teenage-ness (yes, a made-up word), or something... Or we are all just a little sensitive these days! (:
Prayer is powerful, my friends. I thank God for my family and friends! I will continue to pray for them all, and for all of us! That is what is so powerful, today. The Power of prayer!