Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hey, there!

It's been quite a few weeks, for sure, but last week was something else.  Our family was so upset with all the news last week.  We tried not to broadcast it too much because our youngest has extreme anxiety, but the information leaked out.  The oldest came home from school intent on getting all the information he could, talking and asking questions, getting on his Nook's web browser.  Then, of course, the explosion happened and we got that news. 

It is so hard to be positive amid chaos.  It is nearly impossible to maintain peace in the midst of terrible situations.  What to do?

Well, we could pray. 

I suggested prayer every time my oldest asked  'why?' or 'how come?'.  We prayed when the youngest was fearful that the other 'bad-guy' was still on the run.  We prayed for the firefighters, paramedics, first responders and displaced families in Texas.  We prayed for the FBI, ATF, and Boston Police, tactical teams, dogs, and anyone involved with the tracking, locating, finding, fighting in Boston.

So much to pray for.

So much to be thankful for.  Like Mr. Rogers told me, I looked for the helpers.  There were plenty.

I am so thankful for the majority of people- the people who helped -

And, hopefully, I could teach my children to be brave.  Despite my own (admittedly growing) anxiety, I could model that turning to God, and relying on faith helps to lessen the worries.  Hopefully... knowing we don't have the answers of why, or who, or motivations, that God's perspective is greater than ours.  There is evil in the world, but we know it doesn't come from God.  That we need to "be not afraid".

 So, this week will hopefully be better than the last.

We've already (this week) been to the library, Sweet Frog, the roller-skating rink, and the new counter-tops arrive today (random-but good news, right?)...

So, that is a pretty good start to a better week:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter week!

Happy Easter!!  This week is our spring break week, so in the spirit of breaks, I am committed to relaxing and doing next to nothing...

In a perfect timing type of experience, we (our family) are taking a very needed week to relax, read, reflect, play games, walk outside and not do anything in our house.

On the 8th my first ever re-model will commence on our kitchen.  Mark and I have been in our house since 1999, and have done nothing outside of painting and trying in VAIN to get grass to grow (sigh).  So, this starts it... a new kitchen.  Next: painting.  We were going to hire a painter but due to kitchen costs (yes, I really think we needed the island) that has been nixed.  We are painting ourselves (bummer, not happy, but things could be worse).  After that: floors.  This is still up in the air, as in, I'm not sure how this is going to go- we may do it by ourselves- we may hire someone- we may hire someone to help us get started and then do it by ourselves... we aren't sure... I have refused to mop the kitchen floor, though, because it will be coming out soon and I can't wait for that to happen!  So- no eating off the kitchen floor (as if... I mean... really...).

So!!! This week we are doing nothing.  Except relaxing.  And reading.  And thinking about the house...


New beginnings.  Easter.  Hope.  Love.

Good Friday, with the devastating execution of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I am reminded of how He didn't deserve ANY of the torture, humiliation, and pain that accompanied His brutal execution. However, with his death comes the hope of the Resurrection.  And Sunday, Easter, brings us the gift of love, the ultimate love of an empty tomb.  Our Christ defeated death.  He lives.  Because God loves us so much. And now, of course, those that believe have the power of the Holy Spirit always living in us.  There is so much to be thankful for!  There is also much to look forward to with and in... hope

Really, the power of the Easter story this time of year overshadows any problems, or issues that are going on in my life...  (I can certainly paint, for goodness sakes!).  God has an amazing perspective and understanding of my circumstances (and those of the ones I love and pray for) that I can not possibly comprehend.  Faithfully believing in Him, consistently, especially when the issues are more  (pain, sickness, children with special needs, marital issues, trust issues, past and present abuse, friends- my friends- who suffer with doubt and struggle with belief) ... this is what matters, and this is what I need, and this, Him, is enough. 

Because in Him (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), I have everything I need... and some of what I don't.

And, though I admittedly forget at times, and I, too, grow anxious and weary;  I pray that others come to know (and that I may remember) this... peace.