Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Before and After

 This is the "before" shot.  I think the house is 21 years old,
so this is "vintage" wall paper. Hello to the gigantic turtles
that live in my kitchen: Shreck and Finona... they were tiny
when we got them.  My Daniellie very patiently helped me
through out the whole project! (Wow! Thanks to American
Girl's Dolls, and money motivation to purchase a said doll camper).

The "after" shot... (below).  It's called Lunar Eclipse (cool paint name, huh?) - it looks a tad more blue than grey, but it turned out well... so I'm not re-doing it any time soon!

post paint, and paint paraphernalia

 Ahhh... the next project, compliments of Pottery Barn... It just looks so nice, and we love books, and it's all neutral.  I still have to paint the entry way, too.  I hate living in dis-array, so I've had enough for one week.

I'm tired, and slightly sore in the arms... Not that I'm complaining... I love the simple-ness of the kitchen.  It's way less busy!  I'm trying to simplify.  Oh, I'm trying!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the heat...

 First of all... I promised some dance pictures!  These were taken by my mom.

Katie concentrating!

"I've got the Power!"
tap company
Danielle in "The Climb" by Miley

"Close to You"

OK.... it is so hot here I can hardly stand it.  I know it gets hot here every summer, and I even know it gets this hot.  However, this summer, I am feeling a tad wimpy about it.  I'm sweating all the time, I can do nothing with my hair, I can't wear make-up, and, did I mention sweating?  It is almost too hot to be at the pool.  I am probably making it worse by mentioning it... the water is even hot (at the pool).  OK, it's warm, not hot... pleasant, even, but still...   By the way, my Florida relatives are enjoying air about 10 degrees cooler than us!

The Sun (from NASA)

On to something less whine-y... Although, it did make me cry...

The Time Traveler's Wife
Audrey Niffenegger

I've been reading a lot (as always).  I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife.  It was fantastic!  It is the kind of book that compels me to read more, learn another language, read poetry.  The book is wonderful, and tragic, and beautiful.  I've been thinking about it all day!  This is the author's first book, I believe.  I can't wait to read more!  Truly, a beautiful story!  Two thumbs up!

Physical therapy and massage therapy have gone way well this week, too.  My neck is almost completely healed!  Some nerve endings are still squirelly... but it's all good.  Things are definitely much better.  Not moving my neck, was not cool (or hot)... so I am definitely better.


I've finally decided on some paint colors for the kitchen and trim... there are way too many choices!!!! I have had the worst time making a choice at all.  There are like 100 choices for white in Olympic paint, alone.  So, I'll post pictures as I get things accomplished! 

Pray with me, please, for marriages and peace and clarity this week!  I know a lot of people having some really tough stuff happening in their lives.  With Faith and Hope and many, many prayers we can all help each other persevere.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a girl, in her world...

In closing out this week in hot, humid July, I have to say it's been good to be busy, and great to have friends nearby to help occupy our time.  The kids and I had a really good and over due visit with one of my best friends of all time this week:  Her oldest is only about 18 months older than my oldest.  He is going to high school this fall, and his voice has changed, and he's tall... he even tries new food at dinner.  I remember him only eating like 3 items when he was young... It is so weird how everyone grows up and it seems like yesterday I was able to carry them in my arms.  Tomorrow will be graduation, and next week will be the wedding, it seems, at the pace life is flying by.

It hasn't been the best week, but it hasn't been the worst week either.  We've had some good hang-out-with-friends, and some good play-out-side, and some good go-to-appointments.  So, there you go, and there you are.  And it's all still moving forward, I guess.  I think I've already posted that I've injured my neck (actually, Tommy and Mark landed on my head in the pool on the 4th), so I've discovered physical therapy.  I've also discovered not being able to whip my head around quickly to see "who did it", or "what was that?".  I'm trying to keep the kids in the dark about my disability because they can really take advantage of it, right?  I hope not, but I'm just saying... Mom isn't as fast as she usually is...

Emotionally, it has been challenging this week as well, just trying to pinpoint some improvements in the communication department between the man, and me.  I'm not arrogant enough to think that none of it is my fault, but it is hard to have to admit that you have to work on yourself (you being me, of course).  Cinderella, after all, was (the best, but) just a fairy tale.  Castles and pumpkins are great and all... at the end of the day, though, knowing you're still in love and wanting things to go well and work out takes work.  I know we are meant to work.  Work, though, well... it's work!

We are still on va-ca from home school for a while, and loving our non-schedule.  I definitely sense the lack of predictable routine wearing us down a tad... but just a tad... and it's still all good.  Sleeping in, especially.  I miss being at the dance studio, too.  The kids and I are getting in some much needed visit time, though.  And it is nice not having to rush around.

I'll be praying this week for all of the marriages that I know of.  I'll be praying for safe travels for all the traveling I'm aware of, too.  And for all of us humans that are a bit "under the weather" (physically and/or emotionally), I'll be praying for us as well!

The compass is inspiration for going in the right direction!

Monday, July 12, 2010


My Katie announced that she deposited my presents by my bed last night
when it was already past her bed time.

A ploy, I thought, to stay up, which, of course, it HAD to be.
So, I told her to clean them up and get to bed.

"But mommy, they are presents for you!"
Fine. Thank you. I love you. At least clean them up...

This is the picture I took (when I went to bed three hours later) of my presents!

She picked out the purple and pink play clay, pretty fluffy feathers, stamps, a
magnifiying glass, paint, and an alligator... She must think I can't see well, and believes I have
some strange affection for prehistoric creatures that will EAT me if they are hungry. She
also is constantly hearing about how I have to paint soon.  I don't think watercolors are
going to do it for the kitchen, though. She also knows I love to stamp, and somehow I just haven't
had the time for it lately.  I need to give up my vacumning habit... and my clean bathroom habit
(an impossible habit to have with three kids and a husband!).

Treasures may come in many mysterious forms, shapes, sizes, colors... you get the idea.
I thank God for all of mine.
I need to remember all of mine when I forget that they are there - presents from God! My treasures!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

summer beach trip

Our Favorite: Hugenot Beach

 "Learn to be patient, so that you will please God and be given what He has promised." Hebrews 10:35

I am so blessed to have all that I have.  I know God has great plans for me.  I know I am loved.  I pray for patience when things don't seem to be going my way, because I know that in the little things great works are in place for bigger things. 

My neck has been hurting for about ten days now, and being she-girl and tough woman, I couldn't complain about it too much because I didn't want to upset the family vacation time we had going on in Jacksonville.  Of course, all of that came to an abrupt halt when Tommy and Mark landed on my head (yes, right on top, seriously) in the swimming pool on the 4th of July at my Uncle John's house.  I grinned and bore it through fireworks then suggested (demanded) that I needed to visit the urgent care to make sure nothing was out of place (need something for the pain).  Jacksonville, Florida is an awesome town; but no urgent cares!!! Only hospitals!  Being a (non-working-currently) nurse I was MORTIFIED to go to an ER for silly neck pain... 

This is known as vanity, I believe, so I must admit that I am humbled by this teachable lesson: when experiencing neck pain, and the ER is the only option, don't be a whiner or a sissy and just go.  Baptist Hospital was phenomenal.  Aside from having to give a urine sample (probably too much info, but seriously?! I hurt my neck.  I don't have any UTI symptoms... the response was that too bad, too sad... pee in the cup, we need to make sure you aren't pregnant, you female, you), I was seen quickly and efficiently.  No c-spine injuries.  Apparently, though, major muscle spasms have the ability to straighten out the natural curve of your neck.  Mine is straight right now instead of curved... interesting, isn't it?

so cool... where the helicopter lands at Baptist Hospital

ANYWAY.   The point is... be thankful for what you have, and your God given ability to do what you can!  God is good, it can always be worse.  Neck braces aren't fun in 100 degree heat, but a halo traction would be worse. I think.

All things considered, we had a fun trip.  My wise, sweet G-ma told us lots of stories (history in disguise).  We went to the beach EVERY day!  Oceans and sand are sooooo cool!  We saw crabs, sharks (for real), shells, and sea gulls.  Mark actually saw a sea turtle, and rescued it back to the water.  I would love to live closer to the beach.  We. Love. The. Beach.  Especially the ones in Jacksonville, Florida!

Beautiful Girl

Mark found a live conch!

Tom-Tom loves the waves and sand

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jax at night!

My favorite town all lit up at night. The beach is the best part, but
the downtown area at night just looks so cool! The picture is from the
car- that's why it's blurry!


She is the queen of all she surveys...

Happy Independence Day! We are spending time at the beach, and then we are going to celebrate with family and friends at a bar-b-que... Then, of course, we will set off some firecrackers!