Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(image from graphics fairy)

"Be a lamp, a ladder or a lifeboat."

I saw this written on one of my calenders last year and kept the saying taped above the kitchen sink to remind me to behave well, and to live by example. It's hard, and easy to forget in the day-to-day. The bed-wetter wet the bed, again. Very difficult to be patient with this, as my bed-wetter is 12 years old. 'AI' says a, just like a- consonant- e says a. We've been over this! You multiply the ones, then the tens... all of the ones, then all of the tens! I made my daughter cry! Wipe your hands on a ,napkin, not your shirt, use a sponge to clean up spilled water, not your sleeve, take the dry clothes out of the dryer before you put in the wet clothes... it can go on and on (and on...)

So. I need to remind myself:

be a lamp: show how, show the way, be patient

be a ladder: help, demonstrate, guide the way

be a lifeboat: don't cry, we will do it together. Come to me and feel safe.

I can aspire to live by example. I'll look to the Lord, though, for my example. He is the lamp, the ladder, and the lifeboat!

"The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those who are committed to Him" 2 Chronicles 16:9

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My twilight plate!

To compliment the plate I painted for New Moon, I decided to attempt
the Twilight apple...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quiet Winter

Well, the Epiphany has passed, and the official twelve days of Christmas are over. I took the candle-lights out of the windows today. Our house, I'm afraid, will look quite bleak; especially at night, when it is so dark (so early). January and February just tend to be those type of ho-hum months. The house seems a bit less festive, after all the decorating for the holidays coming down, and packed away. I'll have to put some hearts around the house for Valentines day, for sure, just to brighten things up a bit, and we HAVE to celebrate Groundhogs Day... it is the best day of the year according to my son (so random... just a part of the autism spectrum, I guess). I'm not sure how to decorate for that one... And.... ta-dummm: my birthday is at the end of January. I'll be a year older (and hopefully a little wiser)! I know that the ho-hum months are just that: ho-hum, BUT, I guess they are a bit busy.

Returning to the pre-holiday pace this week has been tiring. The girls have colds, and Tommy just wants to hide under a blanket until Groundhogs Day (I actually get that!). However, we all have things that are going on, and activities that have resumed. Dance is great. Occupational Therapy is always good, and Katie started it this week and can't wait to go back. School has been fine for Tommy, as well. And getting a little more organized has been, well, refreshing. I think, though, we are all just wanting one more week... (or ten, or so), to sleep, read, not go anywhere... not have obligations... (hide under our blankets until Groundhogs Day); Especially Mark, who has worked 6 days straight... 6 24 hour shifts straight... I think he does deserve to hide under a blanket, but his short stretch at home has been busy with getting organized for next semester.

I guess we are moving a bit slow because of the cold (weather) and the colds (virus). Maybe that is actually a gift of sorts, or at least the silver lining. We can't rush around all over the place because we simply don't feel too well. Staying home has its benefits! The organization continues; plus we're all hanging out and checking on each other, and I get compliments from Tom-Tom like, "Mom, you are prettier than Rahab." Thanks, I think!

The weather has been very sunny this week (hello, vitamin D)! I've been trying to expose myself to the sun as much as possible because I am such the compliant patient; however, 20 degree weather just isn't conducive to long term sun exposure. At least I'm trying!

So-- Obviously, we need to put some smiles in our hearts and embrace the season! We may move a bit slower, but we need to move. Forward, always. Have faith, my friends! I'll be thinking of all of you, and praying always. It's the least I can do!