Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes... She can sleep anywhere! I think she is actually folded in half!

I really need to start a "Katie can sleep anywhere" blog!

Flying ace!

Woohooo!  In control, and a little edgy... Katie loves this ride! Rock on, Baby!

Cool chick!

She is just so cool! Love you, Danielle!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Holy moley, it's hot!  Humid and hot and crazy and hazy!

The only comfortable place is in the pool. 

We are kind of just jellin' into the neighborhood scene at the pool. 

The newer alpha moms in the neighborhood have no idea that I have helped at the elementary school for so long, so I must appear as if I've just moved in.   They see me at the pool and think I'm new to my neighborhood: "Hmmm no, " I respond, "we've lived here since 1999."  The next exchange has been rather predicted, " well who were your child(ren's) teachers?"
"OH... that would be me.  (heehee) I homeschool them."

A long pause appears here as Tommy starts to escalate... and flap...  as he has been mentioning a topic indicating that the 5th century AD was probably when King Arthur lived, and the swords were crafted well during that time period.  Katie begins to shriek about how hot it is can we please just get in the pool (now), and Danielle is gently trying to placate everyone..." Yes, 5th century, yes dresses were pretty, too, Katie.  Mom, just sign us in, I'll stay with  Tom and Kate. Ok.... No need to start fighting children, just bring your goggles forth for our fair mother to fix them"..  quiet stares, blinking eyes...
"Well, I could never do that!  How do you socialize them?" 


Actually in the car, at church, with the neighbors (and in a sporting goods store, perhaps).  Oh, and I torture them with reading. Can you guess Tommy's favorite time period?  They meet friends that they get to choose... with similar faith systems or have parents with similar parenting styles to my own.  It actually works out very well.

My friend from Texas taught me some important life lessons this weekend: 1st, I need to paint my ceilings.  2nd, judge me or don't judge me, but back off while I try to make some good decisions in the mean time!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early walk

Just me and God walking and talking this morning.

The colors were more
beautiful than this picture gives justice.

I am. Not. A. Morning. Person.

Walking is a nice way to curb anxiety, though! I seem to be stuck in a moment, so prayer and walking really help me focus on the important stuff...  Like the way I am so blessed with family and love, and stuff I don't even really need, so what have I to worry about?  I don't know, but it is such a human thing, to worry.

Company from Texas arrives today! I'm looking forward to visiting with them. They should actually be here any moment.  We're having a spaghetti dinner (I totally can't mess that up), and maybe we'll go out for ice cream or something.  We should have a good time! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Levitation trick!

Love this man!

Lord, help me to be a good wife for him!

escape artists

NOOOOO!  NO allergy shots today!!! 

This was taken outside the allergist's office... I think Tommy started it, but of course, they all had to join in!

Climbing brick wall is good  for your health, too, I know!

Boots are made for walkin'!

Oh yes.... This would be Katie in all her attitude and glory...

Such a sassy little outfit for a sassy little tap routine.  I understand that it went well, and it was the opener for the entire show. 

"These boots are gonna walk all over you!"

Daniella Dancerella!

This was for her ballet routine for the dance "Close to you"... it's an old song, and reminds me of the Parenthood movie. 

 "LAAAA-La-La-La-Laaaaaa.... close to you"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

last week

dancing sisters from graphicsfairy
Oh my, oh my!!  Recital week is completed!  While I am thankful some of the craziness will die down, I have to say that I really do enjoy dancing.  I love to try new things, and I love even more that my girls seem to love both the performing, and the working sides of dance.  My youngest danced her little heart out, and had these amazing bursts of energy coming OFF the stage.  Danielle is just, well, amazing.  She is just a natural ballerina and tap dancer.  She has beautiful lines, and a heart for ballet.  Katie just likes to shake it and will continue with tap and begin jazz and acro; she isn't so interested in ballet.  I may try jazz, too.  I had way too much fun shaking it with the Lady Gaga song!

My week has been good.  I'm working through a few challenges (read: change,summer schedule,vacation plans), but overall the mental health seems to be stable (not crying to much, no panic :)). 

I'm praying for my Seattle family because I just love and miss them so much, and they are looking at houses to buy, and powering through some changes.   I'm praying for Eileen and family as they continue to mourn the loss of her mother.  It's such a bittersweet time.  They have just so much to still do, and tie up loose ends... it's a really hard season for them.  Pray!

Today is a pool party with our Love Dare Bible study group.  It is our finale, so to speak!  I think it'll be a fun afternoon.  It's like 104 degrees in the shade today, so the pool should be nice!  Plus, we didn't make it to church this  morning, so it will be nice to be with our church people.  I miss it when I don't make it to a church service.  I really enjoy the community of church.  It's grounding and centering.

This week we have friends from Texas!  So, tomorrow I'll start getting rooms ready, and floors cleaned, laundry done, bathrooms anti-bacterialized... you know, the list just goes on and on. I'm looking forward to their visit, though.  I've known Mike since I was born, literally, our moms had the same ob-gyn, and their twins were born the same day as Tommy.  It should be a good visit.  And now that recital week is done, I can focus on that and the rest of summer!

I'll post pictures soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Danielle climbed to the top!

It's recital week! Today is the ONLY day we have free this week, so I believe we are heading out to Kings Dominion! It'll be our first family trip there since Katie was 2 years old! I'm hoping it's a fun day. It doesn't seem like it'll be too hot. YEA!

So, I'm sure we will have a drama- filled week, that I will report on sometime after the 12th. In the meantime, I'm catching up on a few pictures:

first line the lemons up
Katie loves to eat lemons! The whole thing!

then take a drink!!!

Katie scaling some rocks!

The cousins on a hike!
Nature pics! A ground hog and a turtle... we love, love, love nature!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I know I need to write, I love to write, I miss writing... I've got great excuses, though. 

My friend's mother went to Heaven last week, and I'm sure she is going to join her husband and get to be a saint.  If anyone deserves to be a saint, it would be both Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien.  It's been an emotional two years for their family; and by God's grace and their faith in Jesus Christ, they all seem to be in a peaceful (although sad at the moment) place.  We attended both the wake on Tuesday and the funeral yesterday.  I pray for peace for everyone who is mourning the loss of such awesome people; and for the family for having the patience and love to continue living their lives and raising their families.

So... with Memorial Day weekend (visiting with family in the mountains), and the work of grieving with a friend, it's been tough to sit down and write.  I will though, after the loads of laundry are done, and the craziness of recital week (next weekend - yikes!) is over.