Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Strength will rise as we wait upon the LORD!

It is so hard to be patient and peaceful amidst daily strife and turmoil. 

I pray for wisdom and guidance, not just for me, but for all my friends and family who are facing change or having to make decisions about major "stuff".

I also pray for our world!  So many alarming events are taking place!  I find myself (and many close friends) suffering some anxiety about world (and local) disasters (literally and figuratively).

2011 is speeding by at a very fast pace for us here in Virginia!  Spring is always a busy time, school-wise, especially.  I think I feel like I only have limited time left to meet all these educational objectives, that are (admittedly) lofty, at best.  That being said, we are managing to read, write, and figure something out each day... so that's positive, right?  Even if it's only following the directions on how to cook our pizza (the world's perfect food)?! Right!!!?!

Friday, March 11, 2011

prayer time

(image from google image search)


praying for Japan and all victims of the earthquake and tsunamis
praying for planet Earth
praying for friends in crisis
praying for cousins who are sick
praying for all the relationships that hold us together
praying for the children... always... and not just my own
praying for those in spiritual need
praying for old friends who have made bad choices

praising the God who loves us
praising my savior, Jesus Christ
praising the power of the Holy Spirit

thanksgiving for those who are loyal
thanksgiving for all the blessings... too many to count
thanksgiving for the fortitude of the best part of our human spirits to constantly give and help

Saturday, March 5, 2011

where has the time gone...

My goodness, there is just so much I can be writing about (that I should be writing about just for practice sake).  I can't even think of where to begin, though, or what I've missed, or what I should edit, or what is even important any more... always when I sit down in front of my blank-post page this happens.  I guess the beginning is always good:

Well, my first memory was of... Just kidding...

The competition girls with their fearless leader

OK, so, lots of dancing this week for the girly-goos in my life.  The daughters are doing great and having fun, and working hard.  Katie is totally a bendy-pretzel-hard-acrobatic-ballet-and-tap-girl.  She truly is quite amazing and strong.  Daniellie learned Chinese character writing "for fun" this week.  Her competitions have started, so she is crazy dancing, too.

Crazy Katie doing her balance thing with a variety of friends

I'm in choreography mode, which is just way stressful for me (not a lot of experience with this).  I have, like 14 ballerinas in one class.  They are also between 4 and 6 years of age.  They also have some ADHD going on.  It's also taught at 5:40 for AN HOUR.  My other class has 12 ballerinas and they are 6-8 years old. It's a little better going in that class... but still, a lot of very opinionated little girls.  So, choreography = stress.  fun stress. but still stress.

baby groundhogs for Tommy

The Tomster has been very 13 this week.  Very, very 13.  Do I need to elaborate on this?  Thirteen and autism spectrum and ADD and ticky... and 13.  hmmmmm. I feel a new habit called wine coming on.  He has been kind of funny ("the beatitudes? Blessed be the meek? ohhh, does that mean blessed be the autistic?"), kind of random (google search list reveals: groundhogs, groundhog weapons, Harley-Davidson, Harley Davidson swords, Celtic antiques, Celtic language, Celtic traditions, heirlooms, and list of Sith and Jedi warriors), and serious ("who invented this stuff? Newton? Einstein? Couldn't they have made it easier?").  And.... yes, 13.

I've been praying a lot for a very sick cousin,my sister-in-law (Happy Birthday!), all of my best friends, all the friends and friend's kids who were ill this week, marriages, work, homeschooling, house, job searches, friends in pain, traveling relatives, clarity, and PEACE.

Wow... there really is just so much going on.  Not only in my own little world, but all over our great big world big changes are happening.  Change is very hard for some people, and at best, difficult for most people.  Not only do we need peace, we need patience!

So... eat something sweet, enjoy the sunshine, read a good book, breathe, try some yoga and pray.

yummy cake, by Danielle!

Keep the faith, my friends!