Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back to life...

We just had a great family vacation! We visited my super sweet, super wise grandma: "G-Ma" in Jacksonville, Florida. She has lived there almost all of her almost 86 years. Everywhere we go in town, someone knows her, or remembers her. G-Ma used to be a crossing guard (was one for many, many years); she not only kept kids safe on their way to school, she actually became a part of the children's lives! I know, because they remember her. When we are out shopping or running errands with G-Ma, we run into people that invariably say, "Did you used to cross kids?", "Did you use to teach crochet at the school?", "Do you remember me?" --and she does remember. Her memory is long. I will desperately miss her when she goes to Heaven. I can't help but think about it more, because we are getting older every day... I really paid attention to the stories I've heard many times on this visit, and I know not to take for granted the evening hours sent listening to her talk. So sweet, and so wise!

My children got to visit the beach so much on this trip that they actually had the nerve to complain about it! I didn't have too much patience for that because we don't have a beach where we live.

"So sorry, children, but yes, we are going to the beach again, today, you poor, poor dears."

We went to the zoo! Fun, fun, fun. We love the zoo... we didn't love the 105 degrees and 100% humidity, and the flash thunderstorm... but the giraffes were way cool (my favorite!), and 'T' loved the Komodo Dragon. The girls loved the giraffes, too, and 'K' got up close to a few birds.

We also visited St. Augustine. The home-school mom in me was a little sorry I didn't prepare better (could have been a fantastic history lesson), but it was interesting to see the fort...

and a Homeland Security boat with tourists on board (you can sort of make out the aloha shirt on the guy taking pictures). The city is very interesting, and is probably more enjoyable in the fall when it isn't so hot. Another 105 degrees, 100% humidity. How is it that natives maintain make-up and hairstyles in that weather? I was drenched in sweat in about 30 seconds!

Vacations are usually renewing, and this one was, and nice, and sweet! We caught up with aunts and uncles and cousins. Family time is so very important to us, so it was great to visit with the Florida team. I feel ready to start a new school year, I feel better about it, a little less anxious. We have been busy with doctors appointments this week, but next week: watch out! Organization will begin! That is optimism for you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

on va-ca!

Never fear! I haven't gone missing...

We are on vacation in Florida and I thought I'd be able to sign on with my old computer, but that is not possible without wireless service. My G-ma has no wireless Internet, so I have to sign on with her computer... I will post more when I get home to a familiar computer. A machine I know how to download pictures on, what to plug in, and where... have I mentioned I'm not computer savvy?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

power on

My husband found this picture for me... He thinks it is funny, and true about me. We do tend to be more conservative and traditional, and it kind makes us a little rebellious in today's society. I had to put it on my blog. 'M' and I are committed to our values, and our kid's education, together, in a very good way. Planning for the new school season is still a bit slow, but coming along.

We are having one of those weeks where all of our plans are just not working out the way I've planned them! Get togethers have been cancelled last minute, evenings out are taking longer than expected, and the pool -pump (today) is broken! We (the kids and I) walked all the way to the community pool, only to be turned around by a defective pump... no warnings, just closed until further notice. I feel like closing until further notice, too, now! It is one thing to have something go wrong here or there, but when everything seems to be going wrong at once (and since Thursday), it is (very) hard to stay positive. I'm having a hard time being a good example and saying, "oh, it is no big deal... so what if the humidity is 90%, and the walk is all up hill? So what? We have each other... We got some fresh air and exercise... no big deal... just roll with it!" -- I feel like the exact opposite, and quite despairing... I know it's just the pool; but it feels like a huge disappointment! I know I need to be that good example (and I was), but now, I'm just going to let it fly: I'm mad! And sad!

OK... so that helps a little...

So, life will go on, the pool pump will get fixed (hopefully before it starts raining), and we will drive back up the hill... It'll be OK. It's not like anyone is sick, or in the hospital. Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan don't even have pool to cool off in, and it's like 120 degrees there, now. I need to change my perspective a little (: -- Why is it sometimes, that the little things are what bring you down? It seems like when we have a mission to get through, coping skills are much better and attitudes persevere, but when a little thing goes wrong and plans need to change, we fall apart.

It is funny (funny-interesting-not funny like ha-ha) that for years I have been able to cope with situations that are extremely challenging, but in the past two months, I have been plagued with minor difficulties that have made me feel far less capable in the coping strategy/skills area. When the crises happens, I do OK, when plans have to change abruptly, I fall apart. What is that? I'm praying about it... I'm really trying to listen to my body, my mind, and my heart.

On other fronts, my son has started his second season of golf with the Special Olympics... It is fun. He really likes to drive the ball. Even when he is putting, he puts a lot of "drive" into the ball. Very cool for him, and he seems to enjoy it. The girls are still busy with dance... all of us girls! My class is doing a routine to Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight soundtrack. I love that! The girls are dancing to Hannah Montanna in tap. They love that, too!

We are looking forward to visiting my sweet, wise Grandma (G-ma) next week! She is 85 years old. Even though we hear the same stories when we visit, I cherish them, knowing that one day sooner, rather than later, I won't be hearing them anymore. I love my g-ma so much! And she is sooooo wise! We are also looking forward to my youngest turning 6. The party is tomorrow, and she is so excited! My parents and a few of our best friends will be there to celebrate with us. It's so hard to believe that my youngest is going to be 6!