Wednesday, June 5, 2013

life is just... a bowl of cherries:)

It is June! Yahoo! 

School is almost done (theoretically, since we always try to keep math and English up). 

No more fights about getting up in the morning (Tommy), and water on the face (Tommy), and wearing shoes (again, Tommy). 

I am always excited about new seasons.  Endings are usually sad, or at the least, bitter-sweet, but beginnings feel fresh and like a new start.  They at least feel like a "re-set" anyway...

Summer will be fun, and relaxed.  I'm challenging myself to have a tech-free day once a week for all of us (outside of communicating on our phone), and I'm going to try to keep some semblance of structure, however loose, because the oldest and the youngest need it (and I do too, actually... structure is a good thing).

So.... Today I'm thankful for the fresh starts in life; usually, they are daily.  We all need a little grace (me, especially at the end of the day).  Every day is a new day, praise God!