Tuesday, January 10, 2017

No fair!


So, some friends of ours came over to celebrate the new year! It's hard to get four couples together with activities and school and work. It snowed on Saturday and the temperature has been hovering in the teens since then. It's cold, and frozen, actually, like literally, and now the news is grim...

Out of four couples and nine kids, plus a designated driver, eight of us are now sick, and one kid had to get stitches (not because of being with us,though. A shower door unfortunately shattered on his wrist) over the weekend...

Between updates on messenger and texts going back and forth between four families, I feel like the apocalypse is coming. For me, especially. I'm waiting to see who falls ill, next, and wondering what symptoms are coming for us! We are experiencing an epidemic. The media is reporting widespread flu and a nasty stomach bug afflicting the good citizens of Virginia.

I'm, like, "Save yourselves!!!" 

My house smells like a Lysol bomb has been detonated, and like we have an indoor pool. I'm a bit OCD when comes to stomach/flu symptoms.

Hopefully I've contained the worse of it. Tommy, Katie, and I are down for the count, Mark is at work, and Danielle has quarantined herself to her room. She ordered Dominos for dinner, not wanting to eat anything in the house, for fear of contamination. I can't blame her.

Pray for us, friends❤️