Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I don't have any beautiful pictures in this post- just some beautiful, sweet words... THE WORD, to be more specific.  Friends, times are tough. Immorality is rampant, disease is widespread, horrific events are playing out across the world. There is no need to sugar coat it- end times are real, and it seems as if Satan has just arrived in all his pomp and circumstance. 

We need to recognize the enemy. We need to embrace our God, the Holy Spirit, and his Son, Jesus Christ. The redemptive, restorative love you want is found only in relationship with Him.  It's good news! God loves YOU! He wants you. He wants us all.

A bunch of church-going ladies went to the mountaintop this weekend for a spiritual retreat and returned changed women of God.  Expect to see some great things! The Holy Spirit is alive in all who confess Jesus is Lord... In fact, when you confess that, He is ALREADY there!

I love this! I love these ladies. I love my Jesus!! I encourage everyone to deepen their relationship with God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and through the super-natural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It's amazing... It's going to be amazing. Keep tuned:)