Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still August

Well... it is definitely time for an update, I think.  I'm hard on myself when I don't write... If I'm going to be a writer, I need to start acting like one.  That means write way more! I feel better when I write. I need to do it more!

These are two of Danielle's dance pictures- Recital was in late June. I don't have Katie's pictures yet...

cousins visiting Lenoir-Rhyne University- where Kyle and I went!
cousin love!!!
August has been a very busy month for us at our house. We've celebrated Katie turning 9 years old, we've been camping, and the girls went to a music art and drama camp, and there has been lots of book reading and swimming (Tom decided he loathes the pool- so that's been very slightly interesting) and going to Kings Dominion and sleepovers (hello, moody tweenagers!), and cousin visits.  And, well, here we are... School starts on the fourth, and summer is essentially over.  And we survived.  And no one had a nervous breakdown... these are good things, right?

So, let me set the scene: Katie (adorable, sweet) wants a Monster High birthday party.

Me: Ummm... Monster High? You mean the sleezy looking Barbies with the scary green faces? Katie: Yes, mom, and what is sleezy? I don't know this word.
Me: Never mind that, what about Jasmine? or Princess? or Rock star?)
Katie: Nope! Monster High! I want Clawdine Wolf at my party!

serious about her wish!

OK... I'm feeling pretty good about this small Monster High party, thankful that it's summer and I don't have to send these invites to school or anything.  It was fine, and she had fun.  I felt a little bit like I under achieved the whole party set up (note: if you are going to go on Pinterest, do it at least a week prior to the party date so you have adequate time to prepare and fix up the decor), but it turned out nice. Fun. Pink and Black. and glitter and sparkles, of course.

oh, and here is the scene for the big gift reveal (drum rolls would be goo

Oh. My. Gosh... Deep breath!

What?! For real!!?

shock.. like, real shock:)

ok, so she didn't really pass out- but the girl should totally go into acting.
All that drama (gasp, sigh) for Justin Bieber tickets!!!
  So... camping... tent camping... totally started therapy after our last camping scenario. For real, I'm not kidding.  I was NEVER going to go tent camping again... until we did:) at the beach. it was fun!

Until I priced rooms at the beach for the only five day span that Mark had off and we could have a little vacation together... it's summer break, after all.  Camping looked real good, then (hmmm... $329 a night at a 2 star hotel or $329 for five days on a campground)... So, we went tent camping again.  No one had a nervous breakdown!  It even rained, and everyone coped with it!  We were all troopers, working together, with minimal complaining...  We were all grungy, too. And it was OK.  We ate a lot of processed foods, but for five days it was OK to have potato chips be the vegetable in the meal. Really... it was actually quite liberating (and for our vegetable: viola! Potato chips... Corn chips...). And we did have to go to a laundromat once for Tommy's sleeping bag (forgot to move it to the waterproof tent).  It was good.  It was even fun. Not bad...

but it did rain

but we took the opportunity to read and rest and hang out together

and read some more:) and rest some more:)

and Mark makes awesome fires!

And Tommy loves the ocean and is happy here
and Katie gets to capture and play with tree frogs

and sisters get to jump and play


This summer has been way more relaxed than the last two summers.  The lack of schedule is a bit difficult at times because the kids really come to depend on some sort of predictability, especially Tommy, and although he struggled at times, it was all fine and good and it probably stretched him a little.  It stretched everyone a little.  Stretching is good for you!

Well now... how is all that for an update? 

God has placed so many amazing opportunities in my path.  I know I am loved and adored. How cool is it to be able to write about life- which may seem a tad mundane sometimes- but is worthwhile on a much bigger, much grander scheme of things.  Good things are in store, a promise to prosper you and to not cause you harm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank God! Literally!

 Overheard today:  It's been a long time since I've been reduced to tears...

I said it, actually to one of the kid's doctors.  It's been a tough summer.  I know we're out of routine and all that goes along with that, but the irritability of all three children has been at an all time high around here.  Which makes me, well, teary...

I remember when we were first getting Tommy identified and we were so angry about the process, and the gaps in service and just not knowing... I remember watching my child tantrum and trying desperately to understand what this pre-school child needed... Well, it's kind of like that again, except he is 15, and he has words (a lot of words), and he has this reasoning that is very clear for him, and completely alien to me.  I remember being worried when he wouldn't talk.  Now I pray for moments of silence.  I'm talking about the day being over at 5:00 PM because I am done.  And he needs to be done.  Because I am way done.  And there are two more in the house.  And they have needs too. Oh, and don't forget the husband in the house (or at work), who also has needs (and I can't tell you how many meals I've botched (oh, I wish I could cook) this summer (at least 3)).  And I love them all so much that I feel like I'm inadequate, and falling- in slow motion...

Then I know...

This is where God meets us. 

When I am reduced to tears... and I just don't know...

God is there to catch me.  And it's all going to be OK.