Saturday, March 25, 2017

March mess

It is a very lovely March day today! It was cold (ugh!) most of the week, so I'm happy to see sun and feel warmth:) 

To be honest, life has not been a bed of roses lately, BUT, even though there is suffering for now, it doesn't compare to the glory I'll experience in Christ Jesus. We suffer to become more like Him. He is making us like Him. It's truly overwhelmingly amazing. In the meantime, we will just be muddling through... With JOY!





Thursday, February 23, 2017

hard stuff

It has been one of those weeks where there is nothing really wrong, per se, but something is off. I've prayed over my house, I fasted last week. I just feel... you know... off. I'm ok, my family is ok, so we are just going to continue to truck on through this phase, and this feeling of unease. 

I'm thinking the political-social climate is part of this angst. I try to remember that Jesus loves all of us, desperately, and passionately. I am confused, though, that some people whom I follow, I don't really know them, but they call themselves Christian in the same sentence that they announce their same sex engagement. I am sad that people call themselves Christian and continue to live a lifestyle, and behave in such a way that is counter to the teachings of what they say they are. I've been taught that God is God (and I am not), and He never changes. His promises are promises kept. His Word is true and alive. His love is never-ending, and His grace is merciful. willful sin means consequences. Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us live without sin; we should be trying to, though. I just continue to pray and check myself, because I know I have to. My cross doesn't look like other peoples' crosses. 

Here's another thing... we have power. We can choose self-control, and love, while still seeking Truth, and trying to live in Truth. The Holy Spirit is our Advocate. God knows I'm trying, and God knows I need every help available. Pray. Love. Forgive. Heal.

so, that's that... I'm working on my work in progress:)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

just a little check in

I have once again fallen into my Winter slump. I'm not a huge winter person. I think, when I was younger, I loved winter. Not so much, now. I love the sun. I love Summer. I love swimming and walking. I do not love the early darkness, or the cold wind. I do not like freezing temperatures. Fortunately for me, it has been a mild season. It is February and seventy degrees. I'll take it.

I continue to post regularly over at FredParent on my "We're All a Bit Mad Here" blog. The whole deadline thing seems to work for me. I'm limited in mentioning my faith too much, because it is a magazine that is for everyone, but I tell readers I pray, and that God is the Best, often.

I can't live without knowing it will all be worth it, and that God is and was, and will be back. Let's face it: life can be kind of dark sometimes, and faith is what gets me through it. Faith and prayer get me through it. The Trinity gets me through it. Praise God.

field trip day

a girl and her horse friend

Pippi love

Seek Wisdom Always

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

No fair!


So, some friends of ours came over to celebrate the new year! It's hard to get four couples together with activities and school and work. It snowed on Saturday and the temperature has been hovering in the teens since then. It's cold, and frozen, actually, like literally, and now the news is grim...

Out of four couples and nine kids, plus a designated driver, eight of us are now sick, and one kid had to get stitches (not because of being with us,though. A shower door unfortunately shattered on his wrist) over the weekend...

Between updates on messenger and texts going back and forth between four families, I feel like the apocalypse is coming. For me, especially. I'm waiting to see who falls ill, next, and wondering what symptoms are coming for us! We are experiencing an epidemic. The media is reporting widespread flu and a nasty stomach bug afflicting the good citizens of Virginia.

I'm, like, "Save yourselves!!!" 

My house smells like a Lysol bomb has been detonated, and like we have an indoor pool. I'm a bit OCD when comes to stomach/flu symptoms.

Hopefully I've contained the worse of it. Tommy, Katie, and I are down for the count, Mark is at work, and Danielle has quarantined herself to her room. She ordered Dominos for dinner, not wanting to eat anything in the house, for fear of contamination. I can't blame her.

Pray for us, friends❤️

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

It's that in between week, where we are mostly just staying in pajamas and hanging out watching movies and playing on the wii... Which, somehow, is better than the computer. I successfully made bean and ham soup from leftover ham, and I'm as shocked as anybody that it actually turned out great! 

And, of course, we've all caught the dreaded winter cold. So, I don't feel so bad about staying in and vegging out😊🎄🎮

Peace to you all!

Friday, December 2, 2016

It's Officially the Holiday Season!!

Just a catch up post from my regular FredParent blog--- in case you missed it:):)

Happy Holidays, and remember to breathe and love one another!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Sometimes, it is just SO obvious that God is in every. tiny. detail. It's like, wonderful and gives me chills all at the same time when I recognize it! Because, of course, I know He is bigger than anything, and, I now the details are where He works, but when I get the privilege of seeing it... of recognizing... Just, wow.

The verse we are praying over Danielle this week showed up in a completely different prayer circle. The challenge of once again changing some diet habits is on my mind, and within 24 hours, the message that God has it, He helps me, He, indeed, fights my battles, has been shown to me multiple times. A verse, a parable, a nurse practitioner, and a book have all delivered to me the same message:
"Child... Why do you try to do this without Me? Invite Me to help. I will carry you..."


Just, Praise. God is so good. And He is so in the details, in the waiting, in the challenge.