Friday, February 21, 2014


One of my breakfasts

One of my lunches

Day 5

OK... So, I found out that I can't fast, as in abstaining from eating food- you know, the normal way...

Also, SO not ready to give up caffeine.  Like, really not ready... Like I thought I was going to have a real, live, actual seizure- which would have really freaked everybody out...

I need to be a little more gentle to myself, and realize that I am accountable to two homeschooled kids, one autistic kid, and one attentive husband.  I can't be snapping and snarling at my family:)

THAT being said.... I still want to embrace the healthy and snub my nose at what the government thinks is OK for us to eat and feed our children.  I'll give you a hint:  (psst: it's upside down). It has to do with the food pyramid...


So, we are lowering grains DRAMATICALLY for the children, and pretty much avoiding them altogether for the grown ups.  We are just saying NO  (grew up with the Reagan family in the White House) to MsG, FD&C color of whatever, and no high fructose corn syrup.  Also avoiding soy (a lot of it is genetically modified).

The children, at this point are staging a coup.... I just know it.  Tommy asked about anarchist government last night, and Katie plainly told me that she hates the food in the house... She is going away.... Good luck, sweetheart.

I'm thinking we are all experiencing sugar and preservative withdrawal (the only excuse for the kids behavior this week).  I'm hoping that the return of smiles and good moods will accompany next week- hopefully less snapping- hopefully we won't be diagnosed as a bipolar/schizophrenic family in a week, hopefully no seizures... I'm relying on the grace of God. I'm trying to remember the verses about our bodies being temples, and then any Proverbs verse about patience...

Seriously... Katie thought it was ok to decorate her carpet with a SHARPIE!,,,

Prayers accepted. For real.

Monday, February 17, 2014

See what $100.00 of produce looks like?

Day 1

It is

Really? It is AFTER Valentine's Day and I have yet to post anything?


It. Is.

So... The New Year and all....

Not so bad. I'm older. More experienced (that does not translate to more wise, even though some would argue that it does).

Here is what is very new, though...

Day 1:  Juicing. Today. For 14 (originally 10) days.

I (it is Mark's idea, for real) am doing it. We (Mark and I) started at lunchtime today.

I'm slightly hungry, and my tummy is making a lot of noise. I've had two green juices, and we spent $100.00 on produce, people... Like, vegetables! Mostly...

I'll keep you posted;)