Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's a new week...

What!? A picture of all of us?! That, like, never happens!

Every day is a new day.  I know that God is good!  He pursues us relentlessly.  I'm learning about this in church-  Our Pastor (Zac) is teaching on Stories.  Every story in the Bible is tied together in God's plan- and we are all a part of His story.  As humans we keep messing it up, though, because we think our way is better, and that we want to be in charge (control issues... I have them). 

Faith, though, is trusting God to do His work through us, with us, in us... 

We just have to let Him in... and give Him (gulp) control.

 I know I can't do it (life, that is) alone... I know I struggle being in control, too... I like to be in control (even if I'm not all that great at it)...

kiddos at Kings Dominion

Parenting, for example, is waaaaaaaay hard... (I know I'm not shocking anyone here).  If we do it God's way, I'm thinking everything will work out better- instead, though, I am (daily- it seems) being reduced to a loud, screeching (it looks better than screaming) mess.  My children don't actually benefit from this, and I only feel momentarily in control... but really I'm an out of control mess.  So- I pray for a new day, a fresh start... and...  God is faithful!  Every day is a new start:)  Tomorrow I will be re-reading (again) the parts about sibling rivalry... got to get that under control...

Marriage, for another example, is waaaaaaaay hard.  (Really?!)  Both of us (husband and wife) struggle to be in control (and both of us need to be reading our Bible more).  Again, God knew what He was doing.  If we do it His way, I'm sure it would be better.  I know from experience it IS better.  It may be a working relationship, but if God is included in the covenant by both partners, it is worked for good (that's a promise, by the way).  His timing is perfect.

and, yes, red wine and chocolate is always beneficial- especially with GIRLFRIENDS :) you know who you are!

 So, it's all good stuff-  hard stuff, yes... trying sometimes, yes (well, definitely)... but good!!

Our summer continues with no structure (um, not really a good plan for us, but it's just how it is), too much heat (thank goodness for a/c and a swimming pool), not enough math (tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow.), a lot of reading (yes! the library is air-conditioned, too!), and way, way too many late nights.  There is also laughter, and smiles, and funny phrases, and scooters, and a trampoline, and Disney channel, and wii games, and nooks, and books, and loud voices... I can go on and on and on...

the inspiration for my blog title:)

and this little guy is just too cute... and I want him... please???? Isn't he sweet?!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

bleh... but happy, too

It is bleh... at least here in VA... rain for several days and it feels like a sauna.  It could be worse, I know, but it could also be so much better- like Hawaii or something.  It's ok, though... for real.

I am on my knees, my friends.  I have so many prayers and prayer requests.  Things seem to be getting worse in our country instead of better, and now movie theaters aren't safe.  I pray for compassion and healing for the families in Colorado.  It just makes me so sad that someone could do something so awful (and there were probably warning signs, and obviously mental health issues were not addressed early enough).  There is just so. much. pain.

I lift prayers for all those affected...

Psalms 71:20-21 You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.

I got to visit my brother and his family this last week which was so cool.  I love Winston-Salem! I love their new house.  I love them!!!! It was a fun break to get to hang out for a few days with my neice and nephew, and my beautiful sister-in-law, and very cool bro!

Back to praying...

My son is in need of prayers (too).  My guy is just not happy.  He has regressed this summer and I feel like I'm dealing with a five year old in a fifteen year old body.  While always being particular, the OCD stuff seems worse and the impulsive stuff is crazy bad right now.  Ever hear of PANDAS?  Not the animal, but the strep induced autism?  Some people don't think it exists, but Tom-Tom is one of those kids that has it.  I think we will be going for a strep titer on Monday... which is a whole other challenge... (think about the poor phlebotomists...)

 but wait, there is more...

My Katie-Cat has decided that sleeping is un-necessary.  She gets up at, like, one in the morning.  She is fine with it... Her mother, not so much.  It's not that she gets me up at one, but she does have all the attitude of a non-sleeper the next day.  That is just not so fun.  At this very moment though (2041 PM) I hear the super-sucker of a thumb-sucker falling asleep.  It is pretty impressive.  Thank-you, melatonin.

other news...

Danielle seems good... a little too addicted to the i-touch, but good. She is a bit moody... but it is tween-age related, I'm sure.  She can't wait to home-school again.  I'm thinking she is just going to take off like a rock star.  She puts a lot of pressure on herself, though, so hopefully she won't be too hard on herself. (Also, she doesn't believe she has any sort of issues with her i-touch- she just informed me.)


I finally painted my ceilings today (ok, pause and breathe, I know I didn't tell y'all to sit down or anything first)!!!  Well, two of them:  the dining room and kitchen...  and I am never, ever, not unless I'm getting paid (very well) ever going to do it again.  I for-see a painter being hired in my future.  I'm typing now, because I think tomorrow I may not be mobile.  Helloooooo advil, naproxen, tylenol, asprin, flexoril... you get the idea.  The white is very nice, though.  I like it better than this crazy beige-ish, awful that has been up there forever...  I blame pinterest, though, making me feel all empowered and all...

The craziness of the house here is only getting crazier (in a busy way- not an insane-call-the-doctors-way)... but God is good, I know!!  Prayer is so important.  Faith is so important.  I can't do it alone, friends, I don't even pretend to think I can...  I rely on my friends (definitely) and my family (fo' sho')...  but I rely on MY GOD the most! 

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me... Philippians 4:13

Monday, July 9, 2012

not much...

It is definitely a bit cooler today- it only got up to the mid 80s... I'll take it. 

105 degrees is too hot for me. 

I try not to complain, though, knowing a good bit of American soldiers are marching, and protecting us in 120 degree heat- complete with boots, helmets, Kevlar vests, and weaponry...  I'm forever grateful for them and their sacrifices, and I pray for them often.

It has been one of those weeks that I've been unintentionally busy.  I may be developing that late onset ADD thing, because I'll walk into Katie's room to put away some clothes and suddenly I'm rearranging the whole closet.  I don't know why, either, she doesn't appreciate it and it never stays neat.  I actually grounded her from her closet last week.  Also, I am becoming really good at procrastination... like, too good... like it is suddenly 8 pm, so the day is over and I dodged that task!  Self diagnosis is a dangerous business, but when the shoe fits...

Anyway.  I'm writing without a lot to say.  I've been gearing up for starting home-school, registering kids for camps, facilitating sleep-overs, and researching service activities for the new co-op this year.  I'm trying out some new incentive charts and discipline/consequences, too.  I've decided that these able bodied children need to be more accountable, especially since two will be home with me next year for school.  It's going well.  I had to re-consult some parenting books, and all, but I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going.

Prayers for one of my best friends and her husband's family as their dear grandpa is very ill, gravely so, is probably going to Heaven tonight.  Godspeed and God bless.  And be with the family left on Earth because they will be so sad.

This is just a short check in because I'm trying to write more... and procrastination and late onset ADD need to be nipped in their respective buds... but there just isn't a lot of exciting things to tell.  Sometimes, though, that is very, very good.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Welcome to JULY!!!  And it is so HOT!!!

Northern Virginia had a land hurricane this weekend (I have never in my life heard of such a thing, but now that I know what it is, I think this is the second one we've been through).

I am so awed at how many people were without power graciously!  Several of my friends were on Facebook immediately helping, offering to help, or passing along information to help people out.  Lots of kudos to Dominion Power and all the cable/internet/phone people working hard to get power restored.  Also, good job to the authorities for offering schools as emergency cooling centers.

God is GOOD!!

We were actually at Kingsfest at Kings Dominion. We got hit, too, but not as badly as NoVa.  The power never went out for us, and no one was hurt due to the violent storms Friday and Saturday nights.  The festival was awesome despite 120 (I'm not thinking that I'm even exaggerating) degree heat.  I have never been that hot in my life. Ever.

 So... we got to see Casting Crowns, Royal Tailor, Owl City, Kutless, Skillet, and Tobymac.

These artists (and their crews) were AWESOME!!!!! Every show was full of energy and wonderful music.  Tommy is now enjoying a crush on Jen (the awesome drummer) from Skillet.  Danielle said she was SO inspired and uplifted.  Katie had a minor panic attack due to Skillet's pyrotechnics, but otherwise enjoyed herself.  Mark and I had so much fun! Concerts are always great- but experiencing music with a message is just so cool.

Since school has been out we've had recital, which went well.  It was different for me to just be a parent at the show, and to not have to do crazy backstage dressing changes or hair changes or me changes.  It wasn't bad, or good, just different.  The girls danced beautifully.  I am thankful for our new dance home and the director and teachers there are awesome and all about the students. I am thankful for Kristi and Donna (my she-warriors! my best, loyal friends that God brought together for HIS purpose), who also moved to the new studio. Change is hard, sometimes, but again, God has His plan and His timing, and it is perfect.

Also, once again, I had to be the one saying good bye to best friends leaving Virginia.  I hate goodbyes, but I will never hate them more than how much I love the people God puts in my life.  It's hard to be the person not relocating.  It weighs heavily upon me sometimes.  I can't not love these people, though.  Everything has a season and a purpose.  And now I have friends that will be living 5 minutes from the ocean in NC.  How cool is that?

Prayer people: one of my best friend's father-in-law is seriously ill.  Please pray for him.  Also, for all of us moms with summertime kids full time, some of these have children who have special needs, pray for them (me included), that all will go rather smoothly.  It is so hard for some of these children to be out of their school routine. It is especially exhausting for their parents. Prayers and hugs for them.  I'm also moved to mention marriages (again)... they take a lot of work.  There are many, many friends struggling.  God wants us to stay married.  It is a blessing when both sides of a marriage realize that and commit to working on staying together, but it doesn't become easy. Ever.  Prayers for all of us fighting the good fight, for those with broken hearts, for the ones who don't want to try anymore, and for the ones trying without reciprocating effort... prayers of peace and wisdom and comfort.