Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Sometimes, it is just SO obvious that God is in every. tiny. detail. It's like, wonderful and gives me chills all at the same time when I recognize it! Because, of course, I know He is bigger than anything, and, I now the details are where He works, but when I get the privilege of seeing it... of recognizing... Just, wow.

The verse we are praying over Danielle this week showed up in a completely different prayer circle. The challenge of once again changing some diet habits is on my mind, and within 24 hours, the message that God has it, He helps me, He, indeed, fights my battles, has been shown to me multiple times. A verse, a parable, a nurse practitioner, and a book have all delivered to me the same message:
"Child... Why do you try to do this without Me? Invite Me to help. I will carry you..."


Just, Praise. God is so good. And He is so in the details, in the waiting, in the challenge.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



Pray before you vote today. Beg the Holy Spirit to guide you. Be obedient to His urging and utterances. Pray after you vote. And have Peace. God is in control. He is already there. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016


It is a mild one this year, they say. "They" being the professional weather people, and "it"being November in Virginia. I, having lived here now more than half my life, disagree. I've got to just say it is the bipolar time of year. After all, we're only three days in:)

I'm loving the Un-news these days. With all of the negative rhetoric on the news, I'm happy to look on the positive side of things. The sun is shining, the colors are beautiful. People, contrary to popular belief, are doing good things. 

Danielle is a published writer!! She wrote for Fredericksburg Parent, and here is her post:  

Here is my post from this week:

Who doesn't like Virginia in the Fall? Plus, election season ends in just a few more days, so there. That is all I've got to say about that.

Join me in continuing to pray for our country, integrity, people, compassion. Jesus really does make it better to bear. Live and love well. You'll be better for it❤️🙏🏻