Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer time....

Summers are traditionally a very relaxing (read: too much) time for us.  I am usually worried that the kids are inside too much, they aren't reading enough, they are watching too much TV. 

all three cuddling and getting along (nice!!)

This summer, though, has been pretty busy.

I'm thinking that we actually aren't having much down time. 

camping in the new (old) pop-up

School work?  Yeah... um... not so much.  I had planned on keeping somewhat of a summer schedule... The oldest and the youngest have done a few things... but that's about it.

and it's ok... I know it's ok...

fireworks at the beach

We've been camping, painting, reading, library-ing, swimming, and volunteering... and D has been to lacrosse camp and Christian Crossroads camp.  We've had a lot of fun. so far.

It's a season of catching up and winding down.  It is sometimes challenging to remember to NOT keep up with everyone else, but to give God the glory for everything; to do it all for the One who made you.  AND accept the slow spots, with a grateful heart, not with a 'uh-oh-we-aren't-being-busy-enough-doing-enough-studying-enough'.

(sometimes that means cuddling with the kids for a favorite TV show, or hanging out in the pajamas all day)

Believe me, I'm still learning this lesson... the feeling of not being good enough is my Achilles heel. Summer-time is definitely that time where those feelings surface because we don't have the comfort of the structure of the school year... but it's going good.  I'm working on it. Always.

And always praying.  Still praying to do better, be better, but for the right reasons of service and hospitality, not for reasons of 'keeping up' or worrying about what others think.  Still learning...

So, I guess my post is about relaxing... enjoying... being... and doing it all for God's glory, His timing, enjoying the relationships, nurturing my family and friends, growing in Christ, and trying to mentor my children to be children of the One True King:)

welcome home from camp, Danielle!

 Next year, maybe, I'll be even more organized... but probably not.  I'm learning (slowly) to be content with meeting myself where I'm at...