Sunday, December 16, 2012

praying for those touched by the Connecticut tragedy

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Wow...  I am, like, totally derailed by the flu.  I'm actually surprised at how bad it is... Danielle is back in the game, but Tommy and I remain down.  I know only how I feel, and I know it's worse for my Tom-Tom because everything is so magnified for him.  He just sat in his bed yesterday.  That's it. Just sat.  He didn't want food or water, he was done with the couch and the TV, he wouldn't read... he just... sat... until he fell asleep.  Poor guy.

My usual Tommy, marveling over an old fashioned telephone booth!
So, I've been utilizing the YOUBIBLE on my iphone...  It's quite handy (and accessible, even at 2 am when you're awake and wonder why- just open up the Bible!).  Love it.  Plus, I have all this down time- sitting in bed will get tedious on day 6 of your illness (in case you were wondering) - I read that while you are recovering from flu that even just a little bit of walking/activity actually takes the body's resources away from fighting the virus and assigns said resources to doing everyday type maintenance...  therefor... I'll actually heal faster just sitting in the bed... hmmmm... maybe my Tommy is onto something...

Isaiah  52:7: How beautiful upon the mountains
    are the feet of him who brings good news,
who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness,
    who publishes salvation,
    who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

Anyway- ADVENT- it's all about preparing for the Lord's arrival.  Preparing for Christmas.  Preparing our hearts to accept the miracle that is Jesus.  I'm not talking about preparing trees, and wrapping presents, and baking sweet treats... I'm talking about really thinking about what has happened here...

Really think about this:   Some odd two thousand years ago, God came to Earth as a BABY... He grew into a young man and started ministering to us in order to show us not only how to live, but to show us how much He loves us!  You! Me! All of us!

The Old Testament is filled with messages about His arrival, and His coming to save us.

The New Testament tells us that Jesus came for us, lived with us, and died for us.

Advent, this time before Christmas, is our chance to prepare ourselves, our hearts, for the crazy love that is God in Jesus... as a human.  It's really kind of overwhelming- in a good way!

I pray for my friends and family to recognize the miracle that is available here and now (prepare our hearts). That during this season, the miracle of Christmas will come to them, and soften them, and love them.  I pray that their and our hearts will be healed.  I pray that I may have the privilege and that I will be held accountable, to witness the love and joy of my Savior to others who need Him. And I pray that I may be authentic, and real, and sincere. I just pray for opportunities... prepare me, prepare us all... prepare for PEACE.

Danielle and Katie on Thanksgiving Day

That is Danielle in the middle! She was Alice!

Katie's newest endeavor! I think she'll be good at it!

And, of course, thanks be to God for the too-many-to-count blessings bestowed upon me and mine.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Christmas time!

 Old World Christmas Baby Jesus and Mary

I totally was so excited for my new working endeavor, until it became clear that it was not working out for me or my family. 

It started great, I really felt like it was what I was supposed to do, the people were nice.  I like the work, too.  So much better than the hospital.  I got to actually talk to my patients, and we all know how much I love to talk.  The thing is, I thought I'd be working a typical 8-5 schedule, come home and spend time with the family... and it would be an adjustment, I knew, but that it would also be good for us...

Not so much.

Then I started to realize all the nurses were quiting or getting fired.  Then I became the only RN for a fifty mile radius of the office.  Then I got a patient who didn't like me at all and told me to leave, which made me cry, even though I know it wasn't about me.  Then I started to orient a new nurse.  She had been at the company before, a few years ago, but things have changed a bit, and we do everything on a computer tablet... but still.... I was still the new nurse.

I was working 8 ish, until, well, 8 ish, and then I was coming home to chart until 10 or 11 at night. I was coming home and telling my children to go to bed.  I was having no energy for my husband.  The same husband who's love language is physical touch.  No energy.  So, as always, I pray for clarity.  Well, the clarity came: ...said husband said "I do not want you to work this job anymore!"

Got it. and agreed.

So... I gave my two weeks, and I had two days left this week... I did not want to go.  I said I didn't want to go.  Especially after Friday, which was a long, bad day.  So, I'm thinking maybe you can guess what happened?

wait for it....

 yep.  sick. possibly the flu. so not cool. I'm sure it's the flu.

So, there... I got what I wished for... there is no way I can take care of sick patients when I'm sick.  Sick, like, can't stand up straight sick.  Sick, like, can't lay down flat sick. bleh!

I will be trying to do some laundry, I guess (apparently no one can start laundry except me), and start meal planning again (no one else throws dinner together either, apparently). Thank goodness Christmas is up... I think the children would put up Christmas... but it wouldn't look like I want it to look, and all the ornaments would be in one place on the tree, and the outside stuff would be inside... you get the point, right?

It's funny how things work out, though.  It's just another reminder that God has perfect timing. And a sense of humor. And... God is God, and I am not.  So, I pray for God's blessings on all of us, and for all of us to trust in His perfection:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving week 2012

Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind...

The greatest commandment.

I would do well to remember this always, but alas, I am merely a human, and I mess up.  The good part is that He still loves me, and wants me, and that makes me secure.  It's true.  Life is just a little more bearable when you have a relationship with the Trinity (all three of them in all one of them because they all help you out).

I am crazy busy with my new job... and it's hard to be the new guy (girl).  There is a ton of information, and new rules, and new people.  Most of the patients have been great, but there was one that made me cry- she was a bit angry (not at me) and hateful (at me, but not because of me)-

So, the second part of the greatest commandment is to love others as you would like to be loved...

So, again, I failed on that day, not because of how I acted (I kept it professional, and I don't think I could be mean to a little old sick person, even if I tried) but because of the thoughts I had.... I prayed for her, though, and then me, and then her family, and then me again... lots of prayers...


In the spirit of THANKSGIVING...

I am so very thankful for a chance to work again.   I'm thankful for my besties. I'm thankful for the besties that live too far away from me. I'm thankful for the family I get to choose :) I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for forgiveness and for love.

I'm thankful for endless chances of mercy and grace.

I'm thankful for life.  It's all pretty good, really.  Even when a patient kicks me out of their house...(chuckle, giggle, smile).

Saturday, November 3, 2012


It has been quite a week!  It has been long, and crazy.  I'm glad it's Saturday, to tell the truth.

Sunday started with a race for POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) research.  Then,  FEMA activated VATF-1 in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.   It was literally, like, the phone buzzed, Mark looked at his message, and said, "I have to go"... and off he went.

On Monday my company closed offices at noon, school was cancelled, so I got home around 1230  to hang out with the kids... and do laundry, and fill water bottles, and stage candles and flash lights. We totally snuggled in and waited for the electricity to go out (and went ahead and watched Dancing with the Stars).  The electricity never went out. The lights flickered a few times.  I think it's funny that when we all prepare for the worst, there is usually very little drama... but then some random derecho thing can come through and in 24 minutes completely decimate the area.  People were out of electricity for a week, then, and there was no warning about that storm. 

Tuesday, school was still cancelled (why, I'm not sure), but work was business as usual.  I didn't really get a chance to see the news until after I got home.  Then we watched DWTS and became so angry that Sabrina got eliminated.... just saying...   then we wondered how the people were able to get out of NY and NJ, most of them don't have cars... then I worried because I know people who have so many loved ones up there... and Bon Jovi lives there, too, by the way... I'm sure they were fine... Seriously, though, I hoped that everyone was getting proper assistance!

The devastation and carnage from a level one hurricane completely surprised me!  New York and New Jersey have been hit so hard.  I think it is amazing that the New Yorkers and New Jerseyans keep taking these blows, but they get up, dust off, and go back to work.  It's pretty cool. I am praying for the recovery efforts, everyone working to restore power, and those helping people evacuate, find shelter, contact insurance companies...

Wednesday was Halloween!!! We dressed up (we celebrate happy Halloween only), we went trick-or-treating.  We enjoyed some candy... my tummy hurt from eating too much.  I wasn't exactly a role model, there...

Thursday was uneventful, for the most part.  I go to alpha class on Thursday evenings at my church.  I love the class, but I love my small group even more.  We have all become so close and so loving of each other.  I really love how we've started praying for one another and totally supporting one another.  Being Christian, now, is not the easiest life to live these days... but we must build one another up. We must support each other

Friday was crazy! I worked in Charlottesville.  It is BEAUTIFUL in Charlottesville.  There was even snow on the mountains (thanks to hurricane Sandy).  It was a long day, but a good day.  And then, I picked up some extra kids, and we headed home to relax... well, I had to finish documenting, but then I relaxed.

And tonight we get to fall back... yea!! an extra hour.  Praise our Lord, our God.  He is so good to number our steps and provide for us, and make all things work together for our good.  He never said He'd make all things good... just that He would make them all work together for our good. I still believe that. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

it went...


I am whipped... I, obviously, am going to need a few weeks of re-acclimating my body into this 9-5 type life-style.  I always knew that moms who worked outside (as well as inside) the home were rock-stars, but I didn't fully appreciate (or remember) the fatigue associated with it all...

I am humbled.

I also am thankful. 

There were only a few glitches the first week back:  Tommy forgot to get Katie on Monday.  The chore list was completely ignored on Thursday.  Tommy really can not motor plan cleaning the guinea pig's cage, and vacuuming the mess up after.  If I leave an i-touch out where Katie can see it, she will not do her homework.  IF there are no instructions about dinner cooking, it will not happen...... unless Danielle is home, and it isn't spaghetti, then she is happy to cook.

SO... that means it went pretty well.

I am happy.  It's good.  The people are super nice, and pretty funny (the CEO/President wears running garb to work and pretends to be the janitor).  I think it will be good!  I am praying for that!

Thanks to all my well-wishers (yes, you know who you are!!) and thanks to everyone who is praying for me.  The power of prayer is very, very awesome. I can totally witness to that!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

So... I am once again entering the world of employment...

I'm scared, nervous, excited, happy, nervous, and anxious...

It's such a big change-  straight into full time hours- Monday through Friday-

Wow!  I'm really praying and hoping it works out, though.  I think it'll be great.

I've always loved being a RN, I just haven't loved hospital nursing.  It really hasn't been practical or nurturing to be in the hospital setting, for me.  So, I'm really looking forward to home health nursing.  I'm excited to be in the clinical arena without the craziness of 5-7 other patients needing my help at the same time.

SO... please pray for me:)  As I pray for you:)

Hebrews 10:24  "And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works..."

Monday, September 24, 2012

Share your story!

We are called, as Christians, to share.

My Pastor this Sunday at church preached about sharing the Gospel.  He taught that if we've been Christians longer than even an hour we should be re-telling our story.  How many of us actually share?

I grew up Lutheran, have been close several times to converting to Catholocism, have spent time in the Methodist Church, and am most recently attending a Southern Baptist church.  I love the Lord, I have a relationship with Jesus, I fully rely on God, and I heavily depend on the Holy Spirit's guidance.  I have experienced Christ and grown in relationship with Him at each Church, and I can't pick out one that is better than the others.  I know the Truth. I've witnessed people turning to Christ, and the impact that has on their lives.  It's a beautiful thing.

Every church and congregation I've been in has urged this sharing.  One thing I know is that we are all on the same team, and I know that sometimes sharing means just living by example.  If you are going to talk the talk- then, for sure, you need to be walking the walk, because, we all know what it's like to witness hypocrisy, and I don't know one human who likes it.  I think Ghandi rejected Christianity because he didn't like that Christians didn't live by their faith.  He insisted that he loved Christ, but not Christians (that being said, accepting Christ as your savior, and developing a relationship with Christ are what make one a Christian, and being admonished to live like Him is what Christians should strive for).  Respecting and admiring Christ does not make you a Christian any more than saying you are a Christian and then refusing to try to live as one (in my very humble opinion).

I know, for me, I try to walk the walk... and I fail, often, but then I try again, and again, and again... because of the perfect love of Christ, I don't have to be perfect... and because of Him, I get a second chance... and because of that, more people get to hear (or read about) my story... and that is how I share........


Friday, September 14, 2012

life life as an offering

Well, the first two weeks back in school, I think, are a success!  The transition has been pretty smooth, and the kids seem to like their teachers.  I think it's good.  And calm.  So far, so good!

I think it's important to totally focus on the positive things... Too much around here (here being planet Earth) is so negative.  It's so easy to be swept up in the doom and gloom (imagine the Imperial March music that accompanies Darth Vader, here).  War, poverty, elections.  Nothing seems good anymore, or even safe or desirable.

 I am (admitting to being)  sad about so many things right now... and truly, it makes me question:                                                                         

And... I don't really get a clear answer, but I do get a few vague ones...

We need to totally rely on Christ.  For some of us, apparently, that means being in a place with no other options, which probably equals desperation.  It isn't pretty to be in these places.  Sometimes, though, that's what it takes.

We need to give it up for Christ.  Let go.  Believe.  Release control.  Control is just an allusion, anyway.  How we react to situations is probably going to show our character and our faith more than just the words and sentences we use to describe our faith (and our character, for that matter).

Work for Christ.  He used people, ordinary and flawed people to spread His ministry, His church, and His message.  Two thousand years ago, people were not just sitting around using phones and TV news to spread the news that Christ had risen... There wasn't Google, or Facebook to check the status or get information about the Resurrection...  People had to walk, and travel, and preach, and communicate and talk about what had happened! 

I know because of my relationship with my Lord and Savior I am able to bear a lot of things.  I can not do anything on my own.... -- are you kidding, me? -- Really, I have three kids, two with special needs, and a husband that works (so hard for us, and thank you, Mark, because without you I know this would be even way more difficult...)  and many days it really is just me here wrangling, I mean raising my children and trying to be a good example, and to not lose my cool, and I'm trying to find a new job (one that generates income, not consumes it)...  get the picture? Through the perspective of eternity... I know it's all going to be OK, even when it doesn't feel OK.

No where does it say faith in God and accepting Jesus as your savior makes life easy, and that bad things can't happen to you or your loved ones.  The promise, though, of redemption and the hope of a greater future and purpose are yours to experience.  Everything (everything: laundry, mopping, working, toiling...) takes on a new meaning when you're able to offer it to further God's kingdom. My life and work are a mission... an offering...

My heart is broken for our country right now... prayers for the families of the victims in the embassy raids, prayers for the soldiers and their families as the violence and fighting continues... Prayers for our President... because I am so not happy with him right now, so I'll just pray for him.  Really, that's all I'll say about it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's September

Happy September!:)

Because we just love (sarcasm noted here in case you can't hear it through your computer screen) changes around here, the big decision to not home-school has prompted a crazy week of back to school nights, last minute shopping, and trying to practice getting to bed at an earlier hour (which never works, by the way).

up allllll night- 

Even though it's a little (yes, sarcasm again) hectic, I marvel at God's timing.  It was last minute, so I didn't agonize over any decisions for very long.  It happened quickly, so the children didn't have to agonize over anything that long.  It happened because of an opportunity which opened up the chance to see how far my marriage relationship has matured because my husband and I had to communicate... calmly... (which did work, by the way).

I just think it's amazing that He always comes through for those of us that love and seek Him...Even if there are bumps and surprises, even if some of those bumps and surprises are tragic; on the other side of things, we can take comfort in He who provides everything (including situations) for our good.  And this is where I get to quote my favorite Bible verse: "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and to not harm you..." --Jeremiah 29: 10-12 (I know I quote this a lot... but it is so important, and so good, and so hopeful!!!)

I pray for us, for those of us coping with loss (so many losses this week in my direct circle of friends, two families are suffering the terrible loss of a child, many pets are sick, or have passed on, I have many friends dealing with loss of expectations for jobs and children, a new diagnosis, the loss of those nice years prior to teenager angst and defiance, children in college, aging parents coming home to live... I pray for us all)...

I pray for new beginnings, for those traveling, and, of course, for our marriages and families:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still August

Well... it is definitely time for an update, I think.  I'm hard on myself when I don't write... If I'm going to be a writer, I need to start acting like one.  That means write way more! I feel better when I write. I need to do it more!

These are two of Danielle's dance pictures- Recital was in late June. I don't have Katie's pictures yet...

cousins visiting Lenoir-Rhyne University- where Kyle and I went!
cousin love!!!
August has been a very busy month for us at our house. We've celebrated Katie turning 9 years old, we've been camping, and the girls went to a music art and drama camp, and there has been lots of book reading and swimming (Tom decided he loathes the pool- so that's been very slightly interesting) and going to Kings Dominion and sleepovers (hello, moody tweenagers!), and cousin visits.  And, well, here we are... School starts on the fourth, and summer is essentially over.  And we survived.  And no one had a nervous breakdown... these are good things, right?

So, let me set the scene: Katie (adorable, sweet) wants a Monster High birthday party.

Me: Ummm... Monster High? You mean the sleezy looking Barbies with the scary green faces? Katie: Yes, mom, and what is sleezy? I don't know this word.
Me: Never mind that, what about Jasmine? or Princess? or Rock star?)
Katie: Nope! Monster High! I want Clawdine Wolf at my party!

serious about her wish!

OK... I'm feeling pretty good about this small Monster High party, thankful that it's summer and I don't have to send these invites to school or anything.  It was fine, and she had fun.  I felt a little bit like I under achieved the whole party set up (note: if you are going to go on Pinterest, do it at least a week prior to the party date so you have adequate time to prepare and fix up the decor), but it turned out nice. Fun. Pink and Black. and glitter and sparkles, of course.

oh, and here is the scene for the big gift reveal (drum rolls would be goo

Oh. My. Gosh... Deep breath!

What?! For real!!?

shock.. like, real shock:)

ok, so she didn't really pass out- but the girl should totally go into acting.
All that drama (gasp, sigh) for Justin Bieber tickets!!!
  So... camping... tent camping... totally started therapy after our last camping scenario. For real, I'm not kidding.  I was NEVER going to go tent camping again... until we did:) at the beach. it was fun!

Until I priced rooms at the beach for the only five day span that Mark had off and we could have a little vacation together... it's summer break, after all.  Camping looked real good, then (hmmm... $329 a night at a 2 star hotel or $329 for five days on a campground)... So, we went tent camping again.  No one had a nervous breakdown!  It even rained, and everyone coped with it!  We were all troopers, working together, with minimal complaining...  We were all grungy, too. And it was OK.  We ate a lot of processed foods, but for five days it was OK to have potato chips be the vegetable in the meal. Really... it was actually quite liberating (and for our vegetable: viola! Potato chips... Corn chips...). And we did have to go to a laundromat once for Tommy's sleeping bag (forgot to move it to the waterproof tent).  It was good.  It was even fun. Not bad...

but it did rain

but we took the opportunity to read and rest and hang out together

and read some more:) and rest some more:)

and Mark makes awesome fires!

And Tommy loves the ocean and is happy here
and Katie gets to capture and play with tree frogs

and sisters get to jump and play


This summer has been way more relaxed than the last two summers.  The lack of schedule is a bit difficult at times because the kids really come to depend on some sort of predictability, especially Tommy, and although he struggled at times, it was all fine and good and it probably stretched him a little.  It stretched everyone a little.  Stretching is good for you!

Well now... how is all that for an update? 

God has placed so many amazing opportunities in my path.  I know I am loved and adored. How cool is it to be able to write about life- which may seem a tad mundane sometimes- but is worthwhile on a much bigger, much grander scheme of things.  Good things are in store, a promise to prosper you and to not cause you harm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank God! Literally!

 Overheard today:  It's been a long time since I've been reduced to tears...

I said it, actually to one of the kid's doctors.  It's been a tough summer.  I know we're out of routine and all that goes along with that, but the irritability of all three children has been at an all time high around here.  Which makes me, well, teary...

I remember when we were first getting Tommy identified and we were so angry about the process, and the gaps in service and just not knowing... I remember watching my child tantrum and trying desperately to understand what this pre-school child needed... Well, it's kind of like that again, except he is 15, and he has words (a lot of words), and he has this reasoning that is very clear for him, and completely alien to me.  I remember being worried when he wouldn't talk.  Now I pray for moments of silence.  I'm talking about the day being over at 5:00 PM because I am done.  And he needs to be done.  Because I am way done.  And there are two more in the house.  And they have needs too. Oh, and don't forget the husband in the house (or at work), who also has needs (and I can't tell you how many meals I've botched (oh, I wish I could cook) this summer (at least 3)).  And I love them all so much that I feel like I'm inadequate, and falling- in slow motion...

Then I know...

This is where God meets us. 

When I am reduced to tears... and I just don't know...

God is there to catch me.  And it's all going to be OK.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's a new week...

What!? A picture of all of us?! That, like, never happens!

Every day is a new day.  I know that God is good!  He pursues us relentlessly.  I'm learning about this in church-  Our Pastor (Zac) is teaching on Stories.  Every story in the Bible is tied together in God's plan- and we are all a part of His story.  As humans we keep messing it up, though, because we think our way is better, and that we want to be in charge (control issues... I have them). 

Faith, though, is trusting God to do His work through us, with us, in us... 

We just have to let Him in... and give Him (gulp) control.

 I know I can't do it (life, that is) alone... I know I struggle being in control, too... I like to be in control (even if I'm not all that great at it)...

kiddos at Kings Dominion

Parenting, for example, is waaaaaaaay hard... (I know I'm not shocking anyone here).  If we do it God's way, I'm thinking everything will work out better- instead, though, I am (daily- it seems) being reduced to a loud, screeching (it looks better than screaming) mess.  My children don't actually benefit from this, and I only feel momentarily in control... but really I'm an out of control mess.  So- I pray for a new day, a fresh start... and...  God is faithful!  Every day is a new start:)  Tomorrow I will be re-reading (again) the parts about sibling rivalry... got to get that under control...

Marriage, for another example, is waaaaaaaay hard.  (Really?!)  Both of us (husband and wife) struggle to be in control (and both of us need to be reading our Bible more).  Again, God knew what He was doing.  If we do it His way, I'm sure it would be better.  I know from experience it IS better.  It may be a working relationship, but if God is included in the covenant by both partners, it is worked for good (that's a promise, by the way).  His timing is perfect.

and, yes, red wine and chocolate is always beneficial- especially with GIRLFRIENDS :) you know who you are!

 So, it's all good stuff-  hard stuff, yes... trying sometimes, yes (well, definitely)... but good!!

Our summer continues with no structure (um, not really a good plan for us, but it's just how it is), too much heat (thank goodness for a/c and a swimming pool), not enough math (tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow.), a lot of reading (yes! the library is air-conditioned, too!), and way, way too many late nights.  There is also laughter, and smiles, and funny phrases, and scooters, and a trampoline, and Disney channel, and wii games, and nooks, and books, and loud voices... I can go on and on and on...

the inspiration for my blog title:)

and this little guy is just too cute... and I want him... please???? Isn't he sweet?!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

bleh... but happy, too

It is bleh... at least here in VA... rain for several days and it feels like a sauna.  It could be worse, I know, but it could also be so much better- like Hawaii or something.  It's ok, though... for real.

I am on my knees, my friends.  I have so many prayers and prayer requests.  Things seem to be getting worse in our country instead of better, and now movie theaters aren't safe.  I pray for compassion and healing for the families in Colorado.  It just makes me so sad that someone could do something so awful (and there were probably warning signs, and obviously mental health issues were not addressed early enough).  There is just so. much. pain.

I lift prayers for all those affected...

Psalms 71:20-21 You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.

I got to visit my brother and his family this last week which was so cool.  I love Winston-Salem! I love their new house.  I love them!!!! It was a fun break to get to hang out for a few days with my neice and nephew, and my beautiful sister-in-law, and very cool bro!

Back to praying...

My son is in need of prayers (too).  My guy is just not happy.  He has regressed this summer and I feel like I'm dealing with a five year old in a fifteen year old body.  While always being particular, the OCD stuff seems worse and the impulsive stuff is crazy bad right now.  Ever hear of PANDAS?  Not the animal, but the strep induced autism?  Some people don't think it exists, but Tom-Tom is one of those kids that has it.  I think we will be going for a strep titer on Monday... which is a whole other challenge... (think about the poor phlebotomists...)

 but wait, there is more...

My Katie-Cat has decided that sleeping is un-necessary.  She gets up at, like, one in the morning.  She is fine with it... Her mother, not so much.  It's not that she gets me up at one, but she does have all the attitude of a non-sleeper the next day.  That is just not so fun.  At this very moment though (2041 PM) I hear the super-sucker of a thumb-sucker falling asleep.  It is pretty impressive.  Thank-you, melatonin.

other news...

Danielle seems good... a little too addicted to the i-touch, but good. She is a bit moody... but it is tween-age related, I'm sure.  She can't wait to home-school again.  I'm thinking she is just going to take off like a rock star.  She puts a lot of pressure on herself, though, so hopefully she won't be too hard on herself. (Also, she doesn't believe she has any sort of issues with her i-touch- she just informed me.)


I finally painted my ceilings today (ok, pause and breathe, I know I didn't tell y'all to sit down or anything first)!!!  Well, two of them:  the dining room and kitchen...  and I am never, ever, not unless I'm getting paid (very well) ever going to do it again.  I for-see a painter being hired in my future.  I'm typing now, because I think tomorrow I may not be mobile.  Helloooooo advil, naproxen, tylenol, asprin, flexoril... you get the idea.  The white is very nice, though.  I like it better than this crazy beige-ish, awful that has been up there forever...  I blame pinterest, though, making me feel all empowered and all...

The craziness of the house here is only getting crazier (in a busy way- not an insane-call-the-doctors-way)... but God is good, I know!!  Prayer is so important.  Faith is so important.  I can't do it alone, friends, I don't even pretend to think I can...  I rely on my friends (definitely) and my family (fo' sho')...  but I rely on MY GOD the most! 

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me... Philippians 4:13