Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's already November?

I can't believe how quickly time goes by.  One day, maybe, I'll stop being surprised when it's almost the middle of November and I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet, and Thanksgiving is only, like, two weeks away... Maybe someday...

We are firmly in to the school year, though, and that means craziness, because my first baby is a senior (!) this year. I think all my hair will be falling out by June. I'll have to wear a wig to graduation.  I am encouraged, though, because there is so much good in education! I homeschool my two girls, but my baby- my first baby- is a senior in public high school. His teachers are so good to us. He is on the autism spectrum, so I've been thinking hard (read: worrying, fussing, having anxiety) about next year. 

I always do that- I live with him in the five-years-from-now state. I pray about this, and try to be in the present, but I can't help it always... As in, the very human part of me goes to five years from now, even though the Holy Spirit is telling me to rest. Because I always wonder how this is going to work? I want him to launch, but I see him flapping, and pacing, and muttering to himself "Eye of the Tiger" lyrics... And. I. Just. Wonder. How?

So... True educators are out there. People that want our autistic children to succeed. People that have designed programs just for kids like mine, and who make it their mission to educate these special, challenging children. I met one this week, and I wanted to hug her! Plus she told me she just loves my kid! Maybe I won't have to get a wig after all.

This makes me so hopeful. And grateful. And a little less anxious... Because I think there are more people that want the future to be good for all of us. That's pretty cool, in my book:)

I just love him, too. And I love Him... I'm so thankful for all that I have.