Tuesday, October 27, 2009

forward motion

My goodness!! It is rainy, and bleary outside. I find it harder, as I get older, to be cheerful inside when it is so gray outside. I've always known that some members of my family have seasonal affective disorder, but I've never characterized myself as being one of them! We need to see some sunshine, here in Virginia. We haven't had a full day (of sun) since I-don't-know-since-when!
We also stayed in our pajamas most of the day, which probably doesn't help with the mood. I really have just wanted to go back to bed for most of the day. I guess we all have days like that, right? We did get a lot of things done in home-school, though. We got through Jacob's twelve sons, and facing his twin brother again. We did prime and composite numbers, addition by eights, lots of language arts, and some writing, too.

Kid updates:

Katie remains very fidgety! She read a lot, today, though! She is even sounding out words without looking at pictures, first. I've been really focused on this, lately, with her.

Tommy totally was in a "bring it on" type of mood today. He was really dedicated with his work, but also very edgy. He ate lots of pizza (non-gluten-free) on Friday, though, so I think he is crashing off of the gluten-high.

Danielle was distracted today, too. I think the weather and Katie bouncing continuously at her seat may have contributed to that! She is working so hard, though!

And the husband:
The husband got an unexpected promotion. He has been phasing into a new role at work, so even he has been somewhat distracted. (I'm telling you, it is the non-sunny weather!)

Despite all of our distractions, we are all moving forward. I'm thinking that is better than falling back. It is refreshing, actually, to have good news lately!

Sunday, October 25, 2009



(daily drop cap by Jessica Hische)

Thanks, Amy! I found my letter, too! My lovely, (lives in Twilight land) best, friend linked this letter website on her blog. I think it is a beautiful "K"!

We are having a beautiful Autumn! Despite the rain and labile temperatures (38degrees in the morning, and 75 degrees in the afternoon), the foliage is beautiful! Everything is bright orange and red; this evening's sky was a brilliant blue. We even had a pink sunset to enjoy. Praise God for showing us his majesty. Danielle said tonight, "Wow! God really painted the sky tonight!"

Always, my love!

We had a costume party at our dance studio last night and performed "Thriller"... It was loads of fun. The kids, of course, love dressing up. I have to admit, I enjoyed being a zombie ballerina. The rain stopped just in time for the party, too, which is just way cool.

Tonight at church I learned about simple worship. The sermon was really, very good. The pastor spoke about Isaiah seeing the Lord on his throne, and God asking, "Whom shall I send?" (to proclaim His message), and Isaiah replying, "Here I am. Lord send me!" Having faith and trust in God, and trying to live my life with purpose, for Him, in spite of the challenges I struggle with, are my greatest endeavors. The sermon reminded me that worship is pivotal in my relationship with Christ, and my aspirations to live how God would wish for me (for all of us). I love that going to church helps me feel good. It is refreshing, as well, to gain new perspective from the lessons that are being taught from the week's Bible verses.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good stuff

'T' still likes swords, and is an official "collector".

'D' is wearing an apron from my best friend 'A' ( lucky in the land of Twilight).

First of all -- many thanks and praise to our Lord and creator! So many wonderful things are happening this fall: my cousin is about to have her second baby (a sweet baby girl), my husband got an unexpected promotion, so far we don't have swine flu, and school is underway, and the children seem to actually be learning. My son thinks that Pharoh should have been sued for taking Sarai as a wife, 'K' is actually starting to finally "click" with reading, and 'D' is off and running, and really can write in cursive when she tries to. It has been a good week, even though we all feel "under the weather" (literally - it's been raining for three days)... but it isn't swine flu!

I am praying today for one of my bestest friends. It is the anniversary of her father's passing. This man's life is remembered and celebrated. He and his family are just awesome. He is missed and loved! I pray that his entire family have comfort from the Lord today. She and her husband get to travel next week, so prayers are also appreciated for them - to have fun and be safe!

We are crazy busy with dance, as well. The Nutcracker production is under way. Rehearsals have started. It is fun, but busy. The rest of the fall season will fly by, I'm sure!

I'm trying to memorize Proverbs with my youngest. This week's message is "Pleasant Words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24. How true this bit of wisdom is. We all respond better to praise than rebuke. I'm trying to practice this in spite of three crazy kids and a busy house and schedule! It really is good advice!!!

All tired out at the end of the day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkins, Princess, Sugar-plum

We went to an amazing open house hosted by the Washington Ballet a few weekends ago. I was brave enough to drive to DC with my kids, by myself AND parallel park on Wisconsin Avenue (perfectly on the first try!). It was crazy, and fun, and inspiring. Ballet dancers can do amazing things with their bodies! So, we got a very cool picture with the Sugarplum Fairy. Have I mentioned that I love ballet?

Today was beautiful! We spent all day outside at the pumpkin patch. Belvedere Plantation isn't too far from the house, so we go every year. It was a good time. There are even real bathrooms this year (no more out-houses! Yea!). They have less animals ('T' was bummed), better push-peddle cars (a real race track), and more to play on (very dirty children). We got to hang out with our friends (and great neighbors), the husbands got to chat, and the kids ran around all morning. Plus, the pumpkins are awesome!

Last weekend the girls went to a princess - pirate breakfast at our church. They had a great time and got to have cup-cakes for breakfast. What fun! I love that this church offers these fantastic opportunities for children to play and learn about our Lord and Savior. The band on Sunday night is great, too. It may sound weird, but the band (at church) is great! I grew up in a more conservative (Lutheran) church, so it is a little new to me to let loose with contemporary music, but I like it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


The week has been good! My friend and her family were in town visiting from San Francisco this week. So, we had "life academics" (no school work) on Wednesday and met them at my husband's fire station for a tour. You know, the National monuments are here, but a fire station is way cool when you are 3-1/2 and 1 years old. My kids love to visit their dad at work, too! We got to see them Thursday, as well. I have known this girl (lady, woman) for close to thirty (!) years. We were in each other's weddings! Now we are experiencing motherhood, together. Even though a continent separates us, we manage to keep in touch, asking each other for advice, and checking in with one another. God is awesome to put these special people in my life! I thank Him for all of my best friends. I love that I am able to rely on these amazing ladies... especially for those earthly struggles that most of us face!