Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer sightings around town...

Tommy with his favorite stuff- a Tardis, a book, and a library!

Danielle practicing❤️

Katie-cat swinging where she shouldn't... But it's ok:)

Shady spot!!!

A really pretty sky


It's always good to check in:) 

The summer is going by way. too. fast... I keep saying, "oh, we have plenty of time..."

Plenty of time to make that decision... To get that hair cut... To plan for the school year...

For us there are officially only five weeks of summer left (!) my mantra is, lately, "what?! Where'd the time go?!"

I had a list of all the awesome stuff we were going to do, and of all that school work we were going to finish up, and that "summer schedule" we were going to adapt.

Um, no.

So, thank goodness for new days, new moments and new school years.  And really, we are so, so blessed. It is so natural for us (me) to count all the negatives (why, why, why do I do that?) instead of focusing on all the positives (lists are nice for that, though... The positive stuff... Don't count or list the negatives- just some practical advice, there)...

Last week the Tomster got his (gulp) senior pictures... It'll feel like tomorrow when he graduates next spring... The baby will be a middle-schooler (ish- we homeschool her, after all), and the middle one is six feet tall, and sporting a pixie cut (!), and is still. growing... like today- she grew today- even though I denied it out loud- inside I was like, 'she is taller. Again.' And her shoe size... People... Size 12... When your daughter is thirteen, and wants to go shoe shopping, you need to pre-medicate on a good day! When your daughter is thirteen, and wants to go shoe shopping, and has a size 12 foot, you need to pre-medicate, devise an escape plan, and have the emergency room on stand-by for defcon1. And it's also nice to have some wine at the end of the day, or before, or whenever.

It's true.

So, embrace your little ones (even if they are bigger than you), pray over them, pray for yourself, and Thank Him who blessed you with what you need. He knows what He is doing, even when we don't know what we are doing.

And that is my little check-in and my humble perspective:)


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!!

God bless America! 

Join me as I thank God for all the men and women He has equipped to preserve our freedom, and for the brave men, who, with His guidance, led this land to be free, to be a democracy, and to become our United States of America.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rock on!

My family rocks.  I mean,believe me, we have our moments... But all-in-all, we're a cool group.  Life is crazy, and never easy, but God is able to use dysfunction and drama for His glory.

We've come a long way.

And God isn't finished with us, yet.

So, I can praise Him in those sweet moments, for sure.  But when I praise Him when it hurts, or I'm heartbroken, I know He sees me. Because, for His glory, I've been given this life and these people to love and nurture... even when it isn't so sweet, and we're all so sensitive.

He is the rock. And because He is, we can rock on along, praising because we get another day, new chances, hopeful moments, and journeys that are worth it all.