Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have had a hard time feeling creative, lately... or so I think...

But then I realize that I write, and dance.  I do yoga.

I think that does make me creative, even though I'm not "crafting"... I used to stamp and scrapbook.  A lot.  I look at my basement craft corner and I'm almost embarrassed by how much stuff I have (note the almost).  I don't hardly ever do those things anymore, though, because by the time I get down to my corner, there is either something else to do, or I'm simply exhausted.

But, then...

I went to Michael's today and I'm kinda feeling inspired.  I want to craft.  I visualize crafting in my future... if I can stay motivated, anyway!

So, after all the other stuff is "done" or put on the back burner (it'll always be there, right?), I will create... something... we shall see!

May God bless us all during these crazy times!!  We are all so busy.  I'm trying to learn to be more patient with myself.  Praise god that He is already patient with me and with us all.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our Lady at the Basilica in Washington, DC
Well, I'm scheduled to work every other weekend.  It's fine, it's even a blessing, but I didn't realize that three days in a row in a chair tied to the computer were going to be so hard on my hips.  They hurt!!! From sitting!!!  I am officially on standby right now, so I've been up moving about the house, you know, because, after 9 hours of me working and the kids being in charge last night, the house was pretty much trashed... in complete dis-array... every dish we owned, I think, was in the sink... so I was vacuuming (of course- wouldn't you?), and bathing Katie (need I say more?), and getting the older two to start their homework (a true procrastinator family), and then I sat back down to type and my hips were like, "seriously? You're doing this to us again?"... guess I'll be talking to the chiropractor about that.  I can't really stand and type unless I get a new desk for giants, or something... phew!

So, it's Sunday and the Schroeders will be at church SOMEWHERE tonight.  I'm thinking we'll go to mass at St. Francis, but we have the Nutcracker rehearsal as well, so we might not make it; in which case we will be at Ebenezer.  Both churches are fabulous.  I know God is probably thinking: just SHOW UP!!! Attendance is important:) 

I was raised Protestant, Lutheran, in fact.  I believe in my faith, and I believe that Luther had only good intentions... however, as I get older and contemplative (did you think I would say grouchy?) in my old (yes, old, my hips hurt now, I sound like a little old lady) age, I find myself being pulled to The Catholic Faith.  Yup, pulled, as in strange -and -wonderful -very -meaningful -coincidental ways, pulled to the first faith of the Christian church.  It is truly amazing, and truly truthful... which is also amazing.  Praise God for the freedom of choice, and the many wonderful ways to connect with Him! Praise God for the beauty He offers in His word and in truth.

Still, I haven't been called back in to work, yet, today, and I only have a half an hour left of my shift.  I think I can exhale and pop into some major down-dog yoga poses, and do some hip openers so I can debrief my hips (come on.... it's only two weekends a month!)... we'll see...

Prayer time!  I have heard of some very ill little children that need prayers.  Also people are traveling and such, so they always get some prayers for safety... My heart goes out to people who are battling depression this time of year.  It's a hard time of year for lots of people.  And, of course,prayers for anyone married and struggling with THAT... c'mon... it's tough stuff, people! 

See?  I'm thankful for so many things, yet struggle with a lot of things, too. 

That is what is so cool about prayer, though:  it's a wish your heart makes wrapped up in love and hope and you get to share it with people you don't even know.

window and organ at The Basilica in Washington, DC
Pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November news

November news is actually kind of boring... there is not too much going on.  We are totally in holding patterns, all around. 

The girls and I are dancing and/or rehearsing for the Nutcracker Twisted! It is totally fun, but this time of year we are at the dance studio EVERY day (I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing... it's just the truth!).  So, my laundry piles are filled with tights and leotards and cover ups, and there is more of it, because everyone is changing clothes a couple of times a day!

Tom-Tom is getting better with his routine.  We are living in oppositional defiance lately, and it is getting so old.  I keep praying for wisdom, here, I mean, I used to be a teenager, too.  I think, though, that throwing autism in the mix is what sends us all over the edge of sanity... testosterone, alone, is an issue when one is 14.  Add no filters and an inability to make the right choice (and two sisters, and a mother, and a get the picture), and an extremely brilliant way of thinking... sigh.... it's just a challenging time.  So I keep praying.

Danielle is just crazy- busy, working super hard.  She is certainly a sweet, loving child.  She's a bit competitive, and very motherly, and a tad bossy... and that makes her just amazing. 

Katie-Cat is crazy- busy, too, and working super hard as well.  Dealing with situational overload is what makes her a challenge.  She experiences extreme anxiety with no warning.  It's overwhelming at times, because she is fine, and then in an instant she is so NOT fine, that it's scary.  She is getting better but it is a process we have to work on, like, every day.

Mark ran the PRIMAL RUN last weekend and finished in THIRD place OVERALL!!!  Crazy man... I'm so proud!

That's it for the updates, mostly. 

I'm working every other weekend, now, and that is going well.  The Saturday shift is a killer because it is 9 hours long (and that is really long, actually, when you're talking mostly).  I like it, though, and it's from home which is such a blessing!  It does cut into some of the freedom I had on the weekends, especially, but I'll take it.  Again, it's a blessing!

Praying, always, for marriages.  They are so hard (even in the best of circumstances).  I pray for patience, to wait things out when necessary.  I pray for wisdom to make good choices.  I pray for a spirit of understanding and compassion, because it's never about just one person, anymore, everything is 50/50, and perspective is a hard subject to master, if that is even possible at all.

Praying also for all those that don't have the benefit of FAITH.  I think I take it for granted that I just believe, and worship.  So many people struggle with just letting go and letting GOD.  Some of my most favorite important people are right here, struggling to just believe.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Take a deep breath...

Well, it's a little late and I'm supposed to be paying bills, and going to sleep, and settling down... but I was reminded of something very exciting:

Yes, are you ready?

That's right... Edward is back on the big screen... I know it's, like, total escapism... but I can't help but admire the beauty of happily ever after...

(images from google Breaking Dawn images site)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

latest headlines

Halloween: Yep, it was fun.  The kids dressed up and I did a little eye makeup.  We had a potluck in my neighbor's driveway prior to trick-or-treating, which was super nice (and an easy dinner- we know how I'm a fan of that!).  I let the kids do our little circle sans moi... and everyone did OK! I guess we're all growing up a tad bit!

Rehearsals:  Yep, going well.  I must remind myself that the craziness is self induced... and it''s OK, and even a bit fun.  It definitely keeps us close to home this time of year, though.

School: Yep, keepin' on.   I can't complain too much.  Everyone seems to be on their A-game, and aside from a few kicks in the rear (still... Tommy....), it's OK.

Kids:  Yep, still alive.  No felonies have occurred here.  Just kidding... well, for the most part.  Tommy is, well, fourteen.  Danielle is ten going on fourteen, and Katie likes to think she is fourteen.  Parenting is not for the faint hearted. Nope, not even close.

Work: yep, still employed, and I even enjoy the work!  Some of the shifts are a little long, but it's fine, because, I like it.

Books and other stuff:  YEP!! Reading is cool- totally an escape for me.  I just finished the Shiver series.  Very good, if you like Twilight (swoon) you'll like this series.

Prayer:  Yep... it works... keep it up, people!  We can all use a little help from our friends:)  I pray for all the families out there trying to stay a family... it's tough stuff!  It's even super hard.