Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mucho disasters mucho love

Well, it's been about a week, a little more, actually.  We have a brand-new, sparkly, shiny water heater.  We also have a brand-new, solid, 1/2 a horsepower sump pump.  Along with a new sump pump comes a large puddle in the back yard (or a small lake).  My turtles, I think, would find it very lovely, I'm sure except for the large hawk population.  And, thank goodness, I don't have a labrodor or other water loving dog, because he would be a mess.  So... we also have brand-new, pretty appliances named washer and dryer.  They are so lovely, and their noises are much more pleasant than what we were used to.  Today, we are probably adding a refridgerator and dishwasher to our growing new appliance list.  When it rains, it pours.  Everything happens at once.  These things always happen in threes (or sixes or nines).  I could find more quotes, I'm sure, but I know you get the picture.

Last week, therefore, was an abbreviated school week for us.  We did horticulture (gardening) and home economics (shopping, cleaning, more cleaning).  We did finish the end-of-year tests, as well.  That just takes the pressure off, because aside from math for Tommy, it looks like everyone did ok (big sigh of relief, whew, etc...).  This week (wooohooo) is Spring Break! Yesterday was warm enough for the sprinklers to be turned on.  Mark and I went out on a date night (nice...) Motorcycle riding occurred.  Today the girls are going rollar skating.  We had a lovely Easter celebration with friends and family.  So, in all the chaos, we were able to appreciate some quieter (less expensive) moments and enjoy the uniqueness that is our family (which, let me tell you, is unique if nothing else...).

Prayers for all those who have had hardships lately... financial, spiritual, marrital, occupational... it doesn't matter, because I know that as diligent as I have prayed for others, there are others diligently praying for me.  I know who some of you are (and I love you!), and some of you may know I'm praying for you...  AND it's nice to know that we are impacting other people's lives in ways that they aren't even aware of, just by praying!  It is so comforting, and so simple to just pray.

I will close with a Tommyism:  (he looked sad, I asked him if he was OK) "I'm fine, really, I'm kind of like a chimp, we have similar DNA, I only smile if I have to and it doesn't mean I'm happy"

Profound, and articulate, and somewhat beautiful in a very Tommy Way.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

small potatoes

I am up... it is late and I'm waiting for Servpro to come vacuum out my basement which is full of water.  Imagine a rain on concrete smell times ten, and that is what the basement smells like.  I discovered our water leak very early (lucky), I turned off the water to the house (again, lucky), but it has taken about five hours from the first call to the insurance company till now (around 1140pm) to get someone out here to clean out the water. I started to try and do it myself, but it just made a big mess bigger.  I thought of getting a wet/dry vac from someone, but water is very heavy and I know I could not have hauled a full vacuum up the stairs.  My husband offered to come home from work- I said no, I could handle it (regretting that statement).  So no water heater or running water until Monday.

But....  It could be worse.

I could have been out of town, and water could still be spewing out of my very broken water heater.
I could not have insurance.
I could not have money, or a job, or friends (who love me and are loaning me their facilities), or a husband.
I could not have a house. Period.
I could be living in a third world country and not even know the luxury of running water and indoor plumbing.
I could be living in tsunami/earthquake areas that have known this luxury and are now without it.

I could not possibly even know that in the grand scheme of things this is a small event...
it's probably not even really that important...

Because I am blessed.  I am loved.  And I am saved.

... and I had a great day with my new 14 year old and my super cute girls and we got to be fashion models for the day...

Yep- it was cool.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, my friends...

cherry blossoms in DC
Interesting times...

This will just be picture updates, I think!  Hugs to everyone who needs them, and thank you to all who have been sending some my way, because it is ALL appreciated!

The SDC tappers!!! They looked the BEST!

motorcycles at the parade...
Fairfax County, by the way...
(and there is a budget crises in Fairfax)
(I'm just sayin')

Danielle going on her first ride!

Yes, that's me
Yes, I was scarred
Yes, I look a lot like Tommy
Yes, I had fun

Katie going on her first ride...
want to guess?
She LOVED it!

Do I have to eat my vegetables?
It looks like a bug!
And finally... it's hip-hop girl!!!! (Complete with a Barney fanny pack, I might add)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

Light-it-up-Blue for Autism Awareness
It has been an eventful few weeks both emotionally and physically!  I feel as if I'm living a kind-of bi-polar life with as many ups as downs.  As much as I love Spring, it always feels like this time of year is so busy with a lot of commitments.  Personally, this time frame actually marks a year that has been pretty difficult on the inside.  I pray daily for clarity and wisdom, and I feel in the long run that I receive what I need, but in the moments of day-to-day I just feel pretty undecided about lots of "stuff".  That saying "no one said life is easy" sure is so true.

It has been a busy time with dance schedules, and competitions.  It has been super fun, but also a lot of work.  The girls and I have been fund-raising, too.  Danielle is tapping in the Cherry Blossom parade this weekend, too, which is just way cool.Tommy and Mark are both pretty good sports about all of the estrogen and juggling of schedules, and tagging along.  Katie can't wait until next year when she is old enough to tap in the parade and compete (oh boy!).  Tommy wants to add fencing to the schedule, as well... I wish it would just come to the studio, so it would be an easy commute!  Mark is working and flying (which is actually work- hard work- but he likes it so much).

home school (math and logic)

home school (history and social studies)
Schooling has been really hard this spring-time.  Everyone seems so de-motivated, including me.  We really just need to hang in there for a few more months... but then I think about just giving the kids their tests and calling it a year... I think that may take the pressure off of me, anyway.  Also, though, I think everyone would just decide they are done, which would de-motivate us even more.

home school (art? character development?)
She's Fancy Nancy, by the way! (oh! it's lliterature)
So... ONWARD!!! We can really only decide to move forward, no matter how that looks. Right?!

first motorcycle ride! a milestone, indeed!