Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh, my...

Well- it seems I haven't posted in a long enough time that everything has changed on Blogger... I am not so computer savvy, so hopefully everything will post!

Easter Sunday- We went to church with G-ma.

We got to spend Easter weekend with sweet, wise, old G-ma... I just love her.  I just want to pack her up and take her home with me, but she won't let me. So... I just enjoy her as much as I can while she is here on Earth with us, because we will sure miss her when she goes to Heaven.

After church, we packed up and...

 We went to Disney World!!:)
Here we are! Our first arrival picture!
That is why I haven't posted in so long... I only have 250 pictures on my camera, so it could be worse... Eileen said she took 200 a day, and I only took as many in 4 days.. first time jitters, I guess.

SO- it was a BLAST!!  I am a Disney convert now; I can't wait to go back.  The kids had so much fun. The grown-ups had so much fun.  We ate way too much food, but I figure we walked our tails off, so hopefully it will balance out (eventually- my waistbands are a tad snug).

Meeting the Mice!

 Magic Kingdom was definitely the favorite- great fun, plus tons of shows, parades, the fireworks are awesome, Tink zip-lined from the top of the castle during fireworks (!!!), and the characters love to hang out there.  So, it's just way awesome!

Tommy got chosen for pirate training by Captain Jack Sparrow!
The girls with Cinderella
-with Ariel
-with Belle

-with Aurora
Epcot was so cool.  It's like a science museum on steroids.  Plus, two of our favorite rides are there (Soarin' and Mission Space).  Also, the gardens and the countries are amazing.  We ate in Germany, for example.  The countries and gardens surround the back side of the lake that is there in the center of the park, while the rides and attractions are on the front side of the park.  I think I could very easily spend a weekend there with just grown-ups...

Katie was captivated by the belly-dancer in Morocco   

The fairy garden
 Hollywood Studios was great for shows.  Plus, Star Wars has a ride, there, with C-3PO.  That was a huge hit for everyone! We are a Star Wars family, I suppose.  The stunt show was amazing, apparently; Danielle and Mark went, while Tommy, Katie and I met Pooh and The Incredibles.

the kids with the "green army man" from Toy Story

 So, obviously, I highly recommend a trip to the happiest place on Earth- you won't be disappointed.:)

We met Aladdin and Jasmine

We posed with Pluto

Of course, Snow White is sweet
We loved it!  Everyone had a good time.  There are way too many photos to post, obviously, but we have some great pictures and even better memories.  We are so blessed, I know, to be able to do this together- I thank God for giving us everything we need, and a lot of what we want...  This was a fantastic opportunity to re-connect the five of us:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

spring :)

I just pray that everyone has a very meaningful Holy week...

This is one of my favorite times of the year.

The hope that is present for me in the risen Jesus Christ who came down from HEAVEN for US (all humans)... is overwhelming.

That these miracles occurred for me to have a relationship with HIM is just so amazing... it is crazy how much God loves us!

I pray that YOU may have a relationship, begin a relationship, or nurture a relationship with our Father so that the hope that I experience may be shared with you:)

Much love,