Monday, May 30, 2016

In Memory Of--

Happy Memorial Day!!

I am so thankful for those who served and sacrificed so I could live in a free country today.  I am afraid that many Americans take it for granted- that they are free. 

God gave us freedom, and Christ died for us that we may have eternal life. A lot of countries in the world have leadership that don't believe in freedom for all; many don't have governments that support freedom for any.  As you celebrate the holiday with picnics and grill-outs, take a minute to think about how many people throughout our history that have died so that we may have picnics and grill outs, and speak English, or Spanish, and talk about all the problems we have in this country...  

We have so much to be thankful for. And all of us have a responsibility to remember that freedom isn't free.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I love my Sunday time.  I serve at our church's nursery and get to hold babies and whisper to them how much God loves them.  I always get an awesome message from the sermon.  Today, Danielle was on the big stage, keyboarding praise and worship (can I just tell you how awesome it is to see your children praising and worshiping?)!   It's just so good.

And today, the sun was out:) I love sunshine.  I have missed the sun.  May has become rainy season in Virginia.

Yesterday, the whole family participated in #foodfight.  We were missionaries for two hours.  I want to do more, because it just felt so good!

Have a fantastic week! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another catch up

So much has been going on!  I write rather regularly now for Fredericksburg Parent as one of their bloggers.  It's great! I really like having the accountability to write more regularly.  I may link this blog to that one, so I'm accountable here, as well.  This one is just much more personal, and deep.  Here, I get to talk about how crazy I am for Jesus, without any type of restraint!  

It dawned on me today, that if I link the blogs, I'm actually being like a missionary.  This is so cool!  I want people to be led to Christ!  He thinks of everything!

So, true story:  I am finding myself more focused on being more ecclesiastical.  I'm shy, though.  I pray for the boldness to proclaim Christ is King.  I want to share without being labeled as a crazy person.  I am crazy, though, because, in my old age, I'm starting to understand how beautiful life is.  There is nothing easy about living, but once I started to look through the perspective of my relationship with God, I began to appreciate the beauty in all things.

My prayer request is that I can share the Good News without hesitation.  Life is truly beautiful.  It's even more beautiful when you can look on the ups and downs with an eternal perspective.

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