Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Greetings!!

We really enjoy Halloween as a celebration of Autumn and it gives us an easy excuse to dress up and be crazy for a bit.  We like the candy, too.  In the short-term, the candy is great, anyway, long-term may be not so good (think hyperactive children and expanding waistlines)... It's hard to resist a Reese's peanut-butter cup, or a Three Musketeers, or a Twizzler, or a ... well, you get the point.  We don't eat candy very often, and never without a good (or lame) excuse!

So I had a great, long (rare) conversation with one of my bestest friends last night.  The demands of home keeping and child raising deter our longer talks, usually, but last night was a gem.  It is incredibly awesome to be able to bare my soul, and not apologize for it, to another human.  I appreciate the blessing of her in my life and Praise God for the gift he has given me.  We share the challenge of raising children with special needs, so having each other's support and encouragement is especially beautiful... even when the situations and challenges we are facing are not so beautiful. So... God gives us what we need.  There is a purpose in everything.

Monday, October 25, 2010

sugar highs and lows

It's a week before Halloween, and we have one party down, one to go, and still trick or treating on the 31st... The sugar silliness and crankiness has began.  It is such a fun holiday, but my goodness... chocolate and sugar lend their way to crabbiness.   Oh well - I am guessing that I behaved similarly as a child.  And I can't deny that I like a good evening of chocolate and candy (and I am completely cranky the next day). So, the cycle continues.

a lovely ladybug, and a funky bunny

he's a dragon
 yes, he is under a table
(too much stimulation)
 I am struggling a bit emotionally right now because of various situations going on around me.  While I have many, many blessings (too many to count, really!), being human with human needs and desires and confusions tend to feed my anxious nature.  It hurts my heart to see loved ones struggle with their own demons and hurt those closest to them in the process of their struggles.  I hate to hear about friends discovering that they have cancer or arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome.  I feel helpless when good friends (best friends) lose their parents unexpectedly, and then other friends have to watch their parents demise slowly by diseases like Alzheimer's.  I'm even bothered that children (my children) can't seem behave rationally toward each other, and just get along (really? We are on the same team... it might be the candy, though).  My friend reminds me that this a world full of sinners, and that only by the grace of God are we able to forgive others, and continue to live well with a heart for Jesus.  It's a hard path to follow, though, I tell you!

So. Pray with me, please.  Pray for hope and generosity.  Pray for clarity and wisdom.  Pray for relationships and families and our children.  Pray for healing and charity.  And, of course, pray for a safe and happy Halloween weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bike DC

The view from the Lincoln Memorial

The kids and I rode bikes around Downtown DC on Monday.  The weather was beautiful, and our home school support network hosted this field trip as an opportunity to sight-see and enjoy each other's company.  I have to admit that I was a little (OK, a lot) nervous.  Our neighborhood is very hilly so we tend to not ride our bikes so much, but we did it!  The only complaining happened toward the end of our excursion (our hind-quarters are so sore -- all of us were complaining about the uncomfortable bike seats), and in the car (stop kicking my seat!) on the way home.

Mr. Lincoln

The White House
(you can't see the snipers on the roof, though)

looking up!

We saw National landmarks, but the kids will remember the Park Police horses!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ahhh... such an animal lover.  Tommy and this kitten went nose to nose at the adoption/pet store.  We go weekly to torture ourselves, you know.  The kids and I desperately want a cat and are willing to take daily Zyrtec to make it work.  Alas, we have dissension among us... it would not be a unanimous decision, and indeed we (the kids and I) are accused of being (gasp!) crazy, so we (the kids and I) go to just look at the new arrivals every week.  They are awfully cute, and sweet, and cuddly... but they probably would make us sneeze. A lot.  Looking is good.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Craftily Ever After: Free Keep Calm and SCARY On Printable!

OK... This was just too cute not to share with others... enjoy.  I've already printed it out and am off to hang it up somewhere in my house.  Have a very Happy Saturday!!!!

Craftily Ever After: Free Keep Calm and SCARY On Printable!: "Today I had the great honor of having my Eat, Drink and Be Scary printable featured on one of my favorite blogs, One Pretty Thing! Please cl..."

Friday, October 8, 2010


Westmoreland State Park
Fossil hunting
It's late and I'm awake, but about to go get ready for bed.  I'm starring at all these wonderful, beautiful, creative blogs and just wishing that I was talented and savvy enough to make mine look THAT good!  Alas, it is just not to be.

Happy October.  It's busy. It's refreshing to be in a routine and have cooler weather.  It's great to see the sun actually shine today... it seems like it has been a very dreary week!  Lots of rain!

Rehearsals start for our Nutcracker performance this week.  We, meaning the children and I, are looking forward to it.  Committing to being a part of the production means committing to staying in town until Christmas time, but it makes the Fall fly by (just like the leaves falling off the trees - it happens over night). 

Halloween is coming, too... the kids love, love, love it.  We have probably no less than 30 costumes in this house, but they all want new stuff (no- not this year- look in your dress up stuff- hello! we have tons of old dance costumes)... - We're embracing our creativity this year and wearing what we already have. I. will. put. my. foot. down. no. new. costumes.

And with that, I'll hopefully have some way cool new pictures, soon!

nighty night!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

All dressed up... and somewhere to go!

We had a lovely evening! I couldn't wait to get my jammies back on, though, and Mark said his feet were killing him!


These were my musings yesterday afternoon...

Well, I guess I am about to go start getting ready...  Yep, tonight is the ball.  I haven't ever been to a ball.  If you ask my husband, he will tell you he really doesn't have any interest in even going, but, well, we kind of have to (because he is getting an award).  If there was no award, believe me, there would be no ball.

I've got to tell you though... despite the lack of enthusiasm, I can't help but be excited!

I spend my days in sweats, yoga wear, or tights and a leotard.  I sometimes wear jeans, which means I'm dressed up - according to my kids.  Lately, it's been shorts and a t-shirt because it has been so freaking hot! The last few days have been rainy, the remnant of some tropical storm, so we've had a few pajama days.  So... I am super ready to put on a ball gown. I'm even super ready to play with hair and makeup.....