Friday, September 26, 2014

Last week in September!

My goodness... 

We have a lot of these moments...


The weather has been so nice, here, in Virginia! I can't believe it:) we are usually SO over being hot, but it has been nice. It's been temperate.  The way, I think, Virginia is supposed to feel.  The way I want everything to feel (temperate, right? Life is so not temperate).  The weather, it turns out, affects me way more than I think it should.  Which is why I was surprised to wake up 'full of the cold' (as my Scottish friend says).  Again (like, every two weeks I'm sick! What is that?).

So, like everything else in my life that is unexpected (which is, like, everything), I rolled with it, took some airborne (not working so much for me anymore), some extra vitamins, too, and took some bubble baths.  My favorite thing in the world when I'm sick is a hot bubble bath. And chicken noodle soup. But now I have to be gluten free, so I don't have any gluten free chicken noodle soup in my house... So bubble baths it was.  I also like to read, so I'm reading Outlander- it's good:) I'm on the upswing I think, and the weather is still pretty nice.

We are loving having a dog!  Pippin is awesome, and totally sweet.  He is training to be a search and rescue dog, and is doing sooooooo good!!!  He is very smart, and cute, and sweet. So, we are totally becoming dog people.  I have to say, though, that lab hair is everywhere! When I tell my friends about this I get an eye roll and pretty much the same response: give it up. The hair is everywhere. All the time. Yes, even after you vacuum. Yes. All over. Even on the counters. Even after he goes to work (with Mark). Give. It. Up.

It's all good. I do love him:)

We are doing well with school, too. I think it's possible that I'm becoming more laid back, because if we don't do something or don't finish a lesson, or the girls just don't get something, I'm like... Alright. We'll try again later. Let's have some pretzels.  Let's go for a walk.  Let's read some Harry Potter. That will probably all change when it's test time... But I hope not. I like being less stressed. 

And that is the heart of it all, right? That thing I keep coming back to... God has it. I don't know when that will stop surprising me- you know, when at the last minute everything just works out, and it's okay. Things fall into place, the situation works itself out, pain becomes understandable, stress becomes less.  I have to remind myself that sometimes I just need to wait. Wait and be still. Wait to see the possibility in what seems like an impossible moment. 

It isn't easy. I know I don't have all the answers. I'm so not a having-it-all-together person.  I've come a long way, though:) God is so not finished, either.❤️

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

three weeks in:)

yes.... so.... week three of being back in a routine.

Can I repeat this? We need routine.  I need it, the kids need it, the husband needs it, and our new dog needs it.  We are routine people (and critters).

Next summer, I believe, will have to be more structured! That, or someone is going on a very long vacation (hint: me, me, me)!

We are busy, but not over-committed.  The meals are being more intentionally planned (which, can I add, makes a huge difference in the evening stress level).  We keep the house more tidy.  Even the kids are realizing that routine is 'more better'

I still need to figure out the exercise issue, though, for me.  I'm horribly out of shape, and I like to watch the Avengers, and then I feel worse because Black Widow would be able to save her children from attacking aliens, while I would not... Of course, Black Widow doesn't have children, so there might be something to that.  Plus, she's ex-Russian, and a spy, and in fabulous shape.  The point is, I need to exercise more than I do.

We are also on the up-curve of the whole gluten-free thing (yes, again... hopefully there will be no nervous breakdown this time).  It's not that it is SO HARD; it is, however, a drag for someone who loves pancakes and pizza- at IHOP and Pizza Hut, mind you.  There is no such thing as eating out gluten free at these establishments.  It is what it is, though.  I'm learning.  I also feel better when I'm eating better (I still can't kick any alien's backside, though, as I am not yet training with the Avengers). I guess we all need to start somewhere:)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget.

Please join me in prayer for our country, and all the survivors of 9-11-01.  Life will never be the same, yet we can rest in the hope that everything has purpose. I pray for all of us, that we would honor this day every year as a tribute to the many heros who answered the call to help, and to the every-day people that helped socially, medically, financially, and prayerfully since the attacks on our country.  Our work is not done, here. I believe we are all survivors and as such, the tragedy of 9-11 should not be in vain. Be vigilant. Pray hard. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

School time:)

Well, summer is officially done... Praise God (for real) we are back in a routine. We (I especially) do so much better when in a routine.  I love sleeping in, and not having to be anywhere for about two weeks. After that, we (I) tend to fall apart mentally, emotionally, well- you probably get the picture, right? It's a fine line to balance being too scheduled, and completely unscheduled. For me at least.

So- here are a few snapshots of our last few weeks:

The whole crew played in the waves

Father and son bonded some in the water

The girls, of course, looked adorable...

And then, just like that (!) I have a senior in Highschool!  (whaaaaaaattttt!???)

I homeschool the girly-goos... 10th-ish, and 6th-ish

So- it was a good first week! I feel good about it, at least. Everyone was smiling on Friday (a good indication), and we even watched The Avengers for movie night (who doesn't like that?)!

To every thing there is a season... Embrace the one you're in!