Thursday, February 23, 2017

hard stuff

It has been one of those weeks where there is nothing really wrong, per se, but something is off. I've prayed over my house, I fasted last week. I just feel... you know... off. I'm ok, my family is ok, so we are just going to continue to truck on through this phase, and this feeling of unease. 

I'm thinking the political-social climate is part of this angst. I try to remember that Jesus loves all of us, desperately, and passionately. I am confused, though, that some people whom I follow, I don't really know them, but they call themselves Christian in the same sentence that they announce their same sex engagement. I am sad that people call themselves Christian and continue to live a lifestyle, and behave in such a way that is counter to the teachings of what they say they are. I've been taught that God is God (and I am not), and He never changes. His promises are promises kept. His Word is true and alive. His love is never-ending, and His grace is merciful. willful sin means consequences. Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us live without sin; we should be trying to, though. I just continue to pray and check myself, because I know I have to. My cross doesn't look like other peoples' crosses. 

Here's another thing... we have power. We can choose self-control, and love, while still seeking Truth, and trying to live in Truth. The Holy Spirit is our Advocate. God knows I'm trying, and God knows I need every help available. Pray. Love. Forgive. Heal.

so, that's that... I'm working on my work in progress:)

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